Seachild 9, Episode 1 Triggered - Flint, Michigan

Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity harassing a young family in Flint, MI. While Steve"s examination of the home exposes a family male with a murderous past, Amy confronts a sinister entity that preys on the fragile.

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Seaboy 9, Episode 2 Desert Curse - Sahuarita, Arizona

Steve and also Amy investigate investigate paranormal task terrorizing an elderly Arizona pair. While Steve"s examination reveals the property"s bloody background, Amy uncovers an entity hellbent on trapping the souls of the living.

Seachild 9, Episode 3 Jumped - Sauk Centre, Minnesota

Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity at a historical hotel where the dead take pleacertain in tormenting both employees and also guests. During the daunting investigation, Amy confronts a dark existence vying for control of her physical being.

Seaboy 9, Episode 4 The Uninvited - Slaughters, Kentucky

Steve and Amy take a trip to Kentucky to investigate paranormal task terrorizing a freshly separated mom and her two youngsters. Amy"s late-night walk leads her to an interdimensional portal filled with malicious aliens collection on tormenting the living.

Seakid 9, Episode 5 Lullaby for the Dead - Briceville, Tennessee

Steve and also Amy take a trip to Briceville, TN, wbelow a single mom fears for the security of her youngsters and also the sanctity of her residence as vengeful spirits torment them. During her late-night walk, Amy discovers a vindictive heart with a hatred for kids.

Seachild 9, Episode 6 Inviting Evil - Berthoud, Coloraexecute

A terrified woguy calls on Steve and also Amy to investigate claims of vicious paranormal activity at her Berthoud, CO, residence. During her after-hrs walk on the residential or commercial property, Amy encounters a demon collection on tormenting the living and also a malevolent shadow person.

Seakid 9, Episode 7 Innocence Lost - Elksee, West Virginia

Steve and Amy take a trip to West Virginia to satisfy a terrified mother that fears the paranormal activity tormenting her household was lugged on by the birth of her youngest boy. The examination leads to the exploration of a vortex wbelow entities come and also go.

Season 9, Episode 8 Deadly Reflections - Waxahachie, Texas

Steve and also Amy take a trip to Waxahachie, Texas, to investigate a widow"s insurance claim that the paranormal killed her husband also and also is targeting her daughter. Throughout her walk, Amy finds an evil mass and mirrors acting as a pathmethod for the dead.

Season 9, Episode 9 Dark Thoughts - Waterford, Connectireduced

Steve and also Amy travel to Waterford, CT, to investigate a newly separated mother"s clintends that the paranormal is attacking her and also her kids. Amy discovers that the crucial to what"s haunting the living might not necessarily reside via the dead.

Seaboy 9, Episode 10 Killer Instinct - El Cajon, The golden state

Steve and Amy investigate paranormal task harassing a young couple and their children in El Cajon, CA. While Steve discovers the unsettling details of an inrenowned serial killer in the location, Amy goes toe-to-toe through a vengeful spirit.

Seakid 9, Episode 11 Terrorland also - Lake Shawnee, West Virginia

Steve and Amy investigate an abandoned amusement park in Lake Shawnee, WV. While Steve uncovers Native American strikes and also multiple drownings, Amy uncovers a vengeful team of dead that will stop at nopoint to obtain its land also earlier.

Seachild 9, Episode 12 Evil Descends - Murrieta, The golden state

Steve and also Amy take a trip to a house in Murrieta, California, where a mom concerns that her husband"s dealings in witchcraft have led to the paranormal activity that"s tearing her family apart.

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Season 9, Episode 13 Easy Prey - Grant Township, Michigan

Steve and Amy take a trip to Grant Township, MI, wright here a despeprice couple clintends paranormal task is trying to kill them. During the disturbing investigation, Amy encounters a malicious dead male and an entity capable of physically harming the living.




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