I currently own a LOT of student loan debt. I believe I am defaulted on 1 or 2 loans, I have previously had Wage garnishment for federal loans, and I pay $1,000 + in personal loans eextremely month.

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Is there anyway to mitigate this debt? I got that “scam” letter in the mail – about the Department of Treasury in pursuant to Department of the Treasury Publication 4681. Obviously after reading your articles I am clear this is a selectronic camera. But is there relief for me out there? Is there a Student Loan forgiveness regimen from Obama? Any assistance or understanding is valuable.

Thanks, Jessica

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Dear Jessica,

On the federal loan front tbelow is no factor to ever let your loans acquire to a wage garnishment. It simply boosts your balance owed. There are alternatives for dealing with the federal loans. See The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Student Loans You Can’t Afford.

When it pertains to private student loans, tright here are some options however it is a much tougher loan to resolve. Private student loans are among the worst kind of debt you have the right to owe. They are not forced to market you any affordable repayment option.

If you want to check out some of the much less glamorous exclusive student loan alternatives, review this.

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I’m glad you found my past articles on the Department of the Treasury Publication 4681 offers.




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