Play Your Way

Get in the Wildlands in approximately four player co-op, or play solo through AI-regulated squadmates. Coordinate your attacks or worry orders to stealthily dismantle the Santa Blanca cartel – or smash it with brute pressure.

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Your Ghold, Your Style

Take complete regulate of your squad’s appearance with a large selection of clothes, tactical equipment, and also accessories. Choose the weapons that occupational finest for your playstyle, and also tweak your firearms’ performance through new muzzles, magazines, optics, stocks, and also a lot more.


Own the Roadway, Watermethods, and Air

Commandeer even more than 60 different vehicles to carry your squad throughout the huge Bolivian landscape. Take to the highmeans through motorbikes, buggies, or supercars, ride the waves in a selection of watercraft, or storm adversary compounds via an armored military vehicle or attack chopper.


Mercenaries is an 8 player free-for-all PvPvE gameplay endure. Your objective is to call for rescue, locate and also reach the extraction suggest, then be the initially to board the chopper.

The Free Trial will carry out you with full accessibility to the content of the primary game till you reach 5 hrs of playtime. Once you hit this limit, you will not have the ability to play anymore yet your development will bring over if you purchase the full game.

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Get Gorganize Recon Wildlands and suffer the game that blazed the route for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Go into a huge open world that challenges you to check out, uncover cartel operations, and also shut them dvery own but you view fit. Use any type of combination of weapons, vehicles, and also strategies to destroy the cartel’s assets, take out its bosses, and also strike at the heart of its leadership.

With the Year 2 Pass, unlock the 6 Year 2 Ghold War Classes. The Year 2 Pass likewise grants instant accessibility to: 8 Battle Crates (4 Spec Ops Crates + 4 Gorganize War Crates)The Splinter Cell Pack (including 1 weapon, 1 weapon skin, 1 CQC move, 2 NVG Goggles, 1 pair of gloves, 3 camos)