Sponsored by The Film and also Media Studies Program, the Life Design Lab, and the Arts, Entertainment, Media, and also Entrepreneurship AffinityIntfinished to be a company, motivational, and also inspirational discussion all rolled into one, this conversation with Dr. Mathew Knowles, moderated by muzic-ivan.info Peabody Institute alumnus, Paul Jan Zdunek (Peabody "91), concentrates on attributes that are common among effective people from all walks of life. Throughout his lengthy career, Dr. Knowles has actually encountered individuals that have actually urged, inspired, and contributed to his success. His goal is to share illustrative, true-life experiences of the ten traits commonly common by effective world, including: passion, vision, work ethic, team-structure, planning, talk-to-do ratio, discovering from faitempt, providing back, risk-taking, and also reasoning outside package. As a self-made entrepreneurial success story who came from a tiny town and came to be the peak salesperboy at Xerox Medical System, offered effective businesses he created, and ended up being one of the world’s peak entertainment executives in the music industry, Dr. Mathew Knowles embodies every one of these traits – we will certainly examine those he feels are the the majority of important for your very own success.

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Author, professor, lecturer, public speaker, entrepreneur, music executive, artist manager, fighter and also survivor would be the words offered to sum up the life and also career of Mathew Knowles, Ph.D. Knowles is widely recognized in the entertainment market for his reliable method in occurring and cultivating award-winning artists. As founder of Music World Entertainment Corporation, he has offered as executive producer for more than 100 award-winning, platinum and also gold albums in multiple genres, including pop, R&B, gospel, dance, and country, and soundtracks and special-themed projects. Record sales have exceeded 450 million worldwide, with work featuring some of the best names in music including Chaka Khan, Planet Wind & Fire, The O’Jays, Destiny’s Child, Solange, and also Beyoncé, to name a couple of. Knowles has garnered many awards for his success in service, the music market, and area partnerships. He is the winner of an MTV Video Music Award, the recipient of the Century Award of Excellence (2011) from the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, and he likewise obtained the 2011 Living Legends Foundation Award. He was called the "2007 Internationwide Executive of the Year" by the Greater Houston Partnership, and also was honored by the City of Houston via the declaration of “Mathew Knowles Day." In 2018, he offered as a guest judge on Idols South Africa which is tantamount to the Amerihave the right to Idols. Knowles is a 1974 graduate of Fisk College, wright here he earned both a Bachelor of Arts level in Economics and a Bachelor of Science level in Company Administration. He was bestowed the honor of Doctor of Humane Letters from his alma mater at the University’s 2008 Commencement Ceremony. Dr. Knowles possesses an MBA in Strategic Planning and Organizational Culture and also a Ph.D. in Company Administration from Cornerrock Christian Holy bible College, and has actually hosted professorships at Texas Southern College, wbelow he taught both undergraduate and also graduate level courses on the entertainment sector and entrepreneurship and also is currently teaching Music and the Digital Era at The University of Houston; at The Art Institute International he is teaching a course titled The Emancipation of Slaves Thunstable Music, as well as Prairie View A&M College wright here he teaches in the School of Firm. He was also a distinguimelted lecturer at Cornell University, Fisk College and also Rice College.He has took a trip anywhere the world as a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, and panelist at various prestigious colleges and establishments. At Harvard University, he was featured as a panelist at opening night of the Black Institutions and also Race Futures symposium and the majority of newly completed a course in Ethical Leadership at Harvard University. He was invited by Cornell University’s Africana Studies Department to be a special guest lecturer wbelow he involved in a spirited conversation with students around race connections in America. In enhancement, he had notably effective speaking engagements at The College of Cape Town, Berklee College of Music, Hampton University, Howard College, Rice College, Alabama A&M, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, and also the University of Southern California. Other highlights encompass being keynote speaker at The Greater Houston Partnership’s HYPE Impact Awards, the eWomen Network Conference, and the Creating Your Masterpiece conference in Tuscany kind of, Italy. He has likewise led the Graducation Commencement for Florida Memorial College, Cornerrock Christian Bible College International, and also Fisk College.Dr. Knowles is likewise the writer of the #1 best-marketing book, The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals. His various other publications include Racism from the Eyes of a Child, a personal reflection on racism in America through the lens of his childhood; The Emancipation of Slaves Thstormy Music, where he presents a keen examination of the liberating effects of music on oppressed people; and also his a lot of current titles PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA, PR Strategies for the Digital Age, a bite sized yet comprehensive manual right into the many efficient means to navigate via the feverish brand-new publicity landscape and DESTINY’S CHILD: The Untold Story, a deeply revealing story of a father raising his kid to be the best international superstar of our current generation. Along through the Destiny’s Child reveal, Dr. Knowles released a companion album, DESTINY"S CHILD: The Untold Story Presents Girls Tyme, featuring 15-tracks of never-before-heard recordings from the start of Destiny’s Child, as soon as they were known as Girls Tyme.Knowles’ work-related in film and tv has Executive Producer of the number one box office movie Obsessed featuring Idris Elba and also Beyoncé, Eight Days a reality present of cancer survivors, Breaking From Above also as Speak The Spreview Now a PSA that reflects the means that Coronavirus spreads. Knowles has actually many kind of significant feature movie soundtracks to his crmodify including Dreamgirls, Cadillac Records, Master of Disguise, The Fighting Temptations, and Charlie’s Angels, all on Music World Entertainment Corporation record label.His philanthropic efforts and also area company endeavors encompass The Knowles Temenos House (a 400 unit housing complicated for Houston’s homeless), the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Gospel Music Association Board of Directors, Orchestra US Board Member, Rhythm and Blues Foundation Board Member, The Recording Academy Board of Directors, and the Survivor Foundation. As a pioneer for African Amerideserve to success in the corpoprice people, Dr. Knowles intimately understands the need to empower the neighborhood by sharing his expertise.MEET OUR MODERATORPaul Jan Zdunek (Peabody "91)

SPECIAL REMARKS BYAdam Rodgers, Director, Film and also Media Studies Bachelor of Arts Program, Johns Hopkins University

Adam Rodgers teaches screencreating (and serves as Chair) for the Johns Hopkins College Program in Film & Media Studies. Adam received his undergraduate education at Fight It Out University and also went on to earn an MFA at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (Graduate Film Program). Throughout his 20+ years in Los Angeles, Adam marketed and also optioned spec scripts and also pitches to Universal, Fox and also Sony, among others, adapted an L.A. Times write-up right into the television sporting activities drama Racing For Time, co-created and directed the theatrical function At Middleton starring Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, was shortnoted for an Academy Award for Best Live-Action Quick Film (The Response), screened his films in festivals worldwide, and also had actually his work-related selected for inclusion in the irreversible Core Collection of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and also Sciences’ Margaret Herrick Library. He is presently in post-manufacturing on the short-develop comedy internet series Turf Valley, which he co-created and directed.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE JOHNS HOPKINS BACHELOR OF ARTS PROGRAM IN FILM AND MEDIA STUDIESThe Johns Hopkins Bachelor of Arts Program in Film and also Media Studies prides itself on balancing a rigorous education and learning in background, aesthetics, and concept with a diverse array of philosophies to creative practice, enabling neither to take primacy yet developing solid liberal arts graduates that are crucial thinkers, creators, and scholars. Our graduates, prefer our faculty, are hybrids that lead in their fields: able to function in multiple modes of examine and craft, and also repeatedly interested and also involved in both.Helping students build bridges to careers in film and television through a variety of professionalization campaigns, including speaker occasions choose this one through Dr. Knowles, is a significant emphasis at FMS. The position of Special Advocate for Alumni and also Outreach, currently held by Linda DeLibero, was designed to help students seeking internships and also post-graduate methods in the sector, prosper professional alumni support netfunctions in Los Angeles and also New York, and also develop brand-new skilled avenues for both existing FMS students and also alums.

Each Intersession, FMS cuprices a expedition to Los Angeles for eight FMS undergraduate majors and minors. The focus of the pilgrimage is to reveal our students to the myriad methods easily accessible to them in the entertainment organization. They visit production suppliers, studios, agencies, and individual creatives functioning within film, television, and other media sectors. Since the regime started in January 2015, the involvement of Johns Hopkins alumni has actually grvery own to encompass more than 100 members in the Los Angeles location, and the expansion of this alumni network-related has actually immeasurably raised the number of students who are placed in both internships and also enattempt positions in the sector in Los Angeles and also New York.

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