Literature in Translation: “The End and also the Beginning” Contrast Essay “After eexceptionally war/ someone has to clean up./ Things won’t pick/ themselves up, after all.” (trans.Baranczak and also Cavanagh 1-4). A war of enormous proportions has actually simply involved an finish and also left the city in devaterminal in Wislawa Szymborska "s poem, “The End and also the Beginning.” The city is currently in terrible conditions, and the citizens are compelled to clean it up in addition to all the memories to be thrvery own ameans from the battle. In stanzas seven and also eight the reader understands that some people have no idea what taken place in the battle, but others have actually a vivid memory if the event that they now need to, “...trudge through sludge and ashes/ through the sofa springs,/ shards of glass/ the bloody …display even more content… In these 2 translations, syntax plays a key role of the creation of the theme in the two various translations. In Baranczak and Cavanaugh’s translation of the poem they make the poem flow quickly, and make the poem almost prefer you are analysis a book. This causes the poem to feel much less harsh and tranquil. This is done by the consistent use of commas at the end of lines. They put focus on the first and last 3 stanzas of the poem by not utilizing commas in the middle of the stanzas, and also finishing the stanzas through durations in each of them. By not making use of commas in the start stanzas, it sets the pace, mood, and the tone of the poem: sluggish and also remorseful of what has taken place in the city. As the translators start to usage commas, it helps to show the change in between what is happening in the city to matters of even more individual proparts. In comparison, the translation completed by Trzeciak is very choppy. From the use of choppy language it renders the war/poem seem to be very harsh. The lines in each stanza end unexpectedly and also abruptly, this makes the reader feel uncomfortable and puts the reader on their toes the entirety poem. The poem in general is also exceptionally sluggish, by the poem being slow it represents exactly how the recoexceptionally process of war is extremely slow. Also, from the use of syntaxes in this translation it …present more content… (trans. Baranczak and cavanagh 9-13). The abrupt adjust in punctuation makes the reader use even more time analysis the lines, which then reasons the reader to reflect more on what he or she is reading. In regards to the performance of the use of syntax in both of the translations, they both serve their own effectiveness.

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In Trzeciak’s translation she offers abrupt lines changes and also bit punctuation to create a feeling of damage and also sadness in the reader. In Baranczak and also Cavanagh’s translation they usage commregarding make the poem much easier to review and they ignore the usage of commas in the beginning and also the finish of the poem to make the reader reflect on what he or she just