There"s no great reason to make a sequel to "The Fault In Our Stars." The movie — and also John Green"s book — tell a story that feels, and also is, completely done in one. But, and also here"s the huge caveat, the movie made a ton of money over the weekfinish.

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So even if there"s no necessity for a sequel, you understand that somewhere in Hollywood someone is floating, and also perhaps also exploring, the concept.

With that in mind, here"s 7 feasible, totally legit concepts for sequels to "The Fault In Our Stars:"

The My Girl 2

Example(s): "My Girl 2"

There"s no great factor why the story of "My Girl" should have ongoing after spoiler Macaulay Culkin"s character dies of bee stings, comparable to exactly how Ansel Elgort"s character spoiler dies in "TFIOS," though actually not comparable at all bereason cancer. And yet, it did proceed, complying with Anna Chlumsky"s character as she continues to thrive and also experience what it is favor to be a girl in the possessive.

Similarly, "The Fault In Our Stars 2" might follow Shailene Woodley"s Hazel Grace as she proceeds to wrestle through the Big C, and probably finds a brand-new love? We know no one have the right to meacertain up to Augustus Waters, yet let"s be frank: "My Girl 2" didn"t meacertain as much as "My Girl," and it taken place anyway.

The Sidequel

Example(s): "Get Him To The Greek," "This Is 40"

Probably the most reasonable method of proceeding the story is by not adhering to Hazel Grace, yet instead one of the sustaining personalities. The a lot of obvious alternative would certainly be Isaac (Nat Wolff) as he continues to wrestle via love and also blindness, because it"s a metaphor, Hazel Grace.


Also possible would certainly be Peter Van Houten (Willem Dafoe), whose fate is left fairly open up at the finish of the movie. Who doesn"t desire to watch the adendeavors of a burnt-out, alcoholic writer in Amsterdam rather of warm, angst-ridden teens obtaining it on?

Same S**t, Different Day

Example(s): "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights"

No, we"re not saying "Fault In Our Stars 2" must head to Cuba. Instead, chances are that if a direct sequel doesn"t get made, someone is going to "continue" the story years later, a la the "Dirty Dancing" sequel. In this, it would have actually a loose connection to the original, however be told with 2 brand-new, young teenagers wrestling with condition.

And prefer "Havana Nights," it would need a cameo by someone from the original. Perhaps rather of Peter Van Houten, one of the new leads worships a small book composed by an aging cancer survivor named Hazel Grace Lancaster? Eh? A book called… Wait for it… "The Fault In Our Stars?"

The Prequel

Example(s): "Dumb and also Dumberer"

Wouldn"t everyone want to view a movie about what taken place the initially time a young Hazel Grace fell in love, appropriate prior to she found out she had actually cancer? How excellent would that be? So great.


The Saga Continues

Example(s): "Twilight," "The Hunger Games"

Okay, this is a huge stretch as author John Eco-friendly may not have actually continued the story of "Fault In Our Stars," however he has actually created other books. Is it that much off to think that we could view, "The Fault In Our Stars Saga: Paper Towns?" Particularly as Nat Wolff is starring in both, and they"re both released (or being released) by FOX?

Or just how around "The Fault In Our Stars Saga: An Abundance of Katherines – Part 1," which would basically guarantee no various other movie can be on the marquee at the same time? Hey, it can take place (it will not happen).

The Parody

Example(s): "Gremlins 2"

Tbelow are plenty of movies that absolutely shouldn"t have sequels, yet gain them anymeans. And sometimes, they come in the form of movies that parody their very own progenitors, like "Gremlins 2." Considering exactly how self-reflexive "Fault In Our Stars" is already, playing even more via the whole genre of "children with cancer weepy sobby sob," appears unvital. And borderline insulting. But also, why not? Why not, indeed. Case closed.

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The Shot-For-Shot

Example(s): "Psycho"

If "The Fault In Our Stars" becomes a timeless, untouchable classic, perhaps some day someone will attempt to perform a swarm for shot remake of the movie, a la Alfred Hitchcock"s "Psycho." Of all the options, weirdly sufficient this is probably the the majority of remote, as Josh Boone"s direction is solid but largely stands earlier to let the actors execute their work-related. But hey, stranger points have happened: as soon as upon a time, tright here was a sequel to "Speed" set on a boat.

What do you think? We understand there shouldn"t be a sequel, yet if tbelow was, what need to it be about?