The fear of undesirable price wars may explain why many kind of firms are reluctant to "mitigate prices once a decline in aggregate demand occurs."

A price battle is an aggressive profession among adversary institutions who lug down prices to weaken each other. A price battle could be utilized to expand income for the moment being, or as a more extended term approach to pick up sector share. Price battles can be averted via crucial worth administration (via non-aggressive pricing), an exhaustive comprehension of the opplace, or even correspondence via contenders.

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The adhering to indevelopment relates to lugged amethod hot air​ balloons, inc. exactly how much was carried​ away"s manufacturing​ overhead? heralding costs $10,000 sales salary 16,800 sales revenue 610,000 ​ president"s salary 51,000 office rent 52,000 manufacturing devices depreciation 1,500 instraight products provided 6,100 instraight labor 13,600 factory repair and also maintenance 570 straight products provided 31,160 direct labor 36,700 distribution automobile depreciation 750 bureaucratic salaries 24,600
Alpha firm supplies the routine inventory system for purchase & sales of merchandise. discount terms for both purchases & sales are, 2/10, n30 and the gross strategy is offered. unmuch less otherwise provided, fob destination will use to all purchases & sales. the value of inventory is based on routine device. on january 1, 2016, start inventory had 350 devices of widgets costing $10 each. alpha prepares monthly income statements. the complying with events developed during the month of jan.: dateactivitya.jan. 3purchased on account 350 widgets for $11 each.b.jan. 5sold on account 400 widgets for $30 each. paid freight out through petty cash of $150.c.jan. 10purchased on account 625 widgets for $12 each.d.jan. 11shipping cost for the january 10 purchased merchandise was $400 was passist through a cheque by alpha directly to the freight agency.e.jan. 12went back 50 widgets received from jan. 10 purchase as they were not the correct item ordered.f.jan. 13paid for the purchases made on jan. 3.g.jan. 21sold on account 550 widgets for $30 each. passist freight out via petty cash of $250.h.jan. 22authorize credit without rerevolve of goods for 50 widgets offered on jan. 21 once customer advised that they were got in defective problem.i.jan. 25received payment for the sale made on jan. 5.j.jan. 26passist for the purchases made on jan. 10.k.jan. 31received payment for the sale made on jan. 21.usage this information to prepare the general journal entries (without explanation) for the january events. if no entry is required then enter the day and also write "no enattempt compelled."
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Which among the complying with is not a typical current liability? a. interemainder payable b. existing maturities of long-term debt c. salaries payable d. mortgperiods payable
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The are afraid of undesirable price wars may describe why many kind of firms are reluctant to a. alleviate wages as soon as a d...
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