I certain hope so, bereason if not, my head is gonna hurt trying to figure it all out.

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But then why all the "Death itself is reversed" stuff accompanying the trailer. Ugh.

What we have the right to surmise from the trailer for The Flash Seachild 2 Episode 11 is that he"s a pretty negative dude (at least a rude dude), however not our negative dude.

As Harry points out, This is his origin story.

So, what we saw at the end of The Flash Seakid 2 Episode 10 was...what?

Eobard Thawne obtained lost simply out for a light Reverse Flash time traveling jog, and he will currently require The Flash"s speed to rerotate residence.

He originally came over to create The Flash to acquire his rate, right? To make sure Barry came to be The Flash?

Uh oh....my head is founding to hurt.

Wright here has he been till now? How did he get Gideon is he"s not from Earth 2 and not a time traveler?

What"s going on?!

Apparently, we"re around to find out.

Watch the trailer and also be here later on this week for The Flash Round Table for latest episode as well as a photo pevaluation of "Reverse Flash Returns." 

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Joe: You"re gonna save the previous.Barry: Joe, I"m gonna conserve my mom.

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Cisco: It"s over, Caitlin.Killer Frost: Caitlin is dead.Cisco: Not to me.

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