Standard Rock Greats THE GUESS WHO Return With 'The Future Is What It Used To Be'

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THE GUESS WHO is responsible for numerous rock classics, which still retain a major existence on rock radio — "Amerideserve to Woman", "No Time", "These Eyes", and so on The band is set to return on September 14 via its latest album, "The Future Is What It Used To Be", released using Cleopatra Records (available in CD, vinyl, and digital formats).

The band also is Garry Peterson (drums, vocals), D# (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Will E.

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(guitar, harp, vocals), Leonard Shaw (keyboards, flute, sax, vocals), and also Rudy Sarzo (bass, vocals). The album"s first single, "Playin" On The Radio", have the right to be heard on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming solutions. Also featured on the album are several special guests, including Tommy Shaw (STYX) on vocals, Brent Fitz (SLASH, GENE SIMMONS) on percussion, Jim Kale (THE GUESS WHO beginning member) and also Michael Devin (WHITESNAKE) on bass.

"The song is a celebration of the radio and also what it intended to us all," explains D#. "Whenever before a brand-new good song hit the airwaves, the DJ would say a couple of words then off to the races! You"d tune in just to hear it over and over aobtain. The character in the song might be any among us as we relocate ahead in life. Great music has the natural power to transport you earlier to so many kind of great memories in an immediate. Music is healing. I check out it and feel it eextremely single night in our audience."

A music video for the track has actually been filmed — directed by Nigel Dick and also swarm in Las Vegas — and also the song can be pre-ordered on iTunes. The video have the right to be regarded listed below.

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"I love what I do, and I love trains and also I love rock n" roll," explains Nigel around the video. "So, I was honored to be asked to shoot THE GUESS WHO. And as soon as they told me they were accessible for a day in Vegas and also by opportunity I stumbled on this wonderful railyard complete of old engines just up the road from the strip, I remained in heaven — and up to my axles in dust! It was a perfect day."

And the band also is pleased with the results. "My exceptionally first music video…who knew?!" states Garry. "Having the privilege of working with the legendary Nigel Dick, took me back to prospering up in an age wbelow music videos told an innovative visual story that I always looked forward to seeing by my favorite artists," adds Will. "This track was no exemption, adding a colorful, activity packed sequence to an excellent story."

Garry Peterson: "I never dreamed that I would gain a chance to document an album, after 40 years, in the exact same way, and with the exact same recording gear that we used in the "60s and also "70s. This was truly a blessing for me and a humbling, cathartic endure for my musical soul. Thank you to all my bandmates, and everyone that aided make it a truth. I hope our fans enjoy it as much as I do."

D#: "This all began as soon as I composed "Playing On The Radio". Lyrically and also musically, these songs are the soundtrack to my journey through THE GUESS WHO over the last 10 years. This record was a joy and also an honor to produce. As variation 3.0 of this iconic band, we had actually our work-related cut out for us. The challenge in this type of case is always to be true to the heartroots of the original blueprint, and also being able to journey onwards into an inspired future, incorporating the brand-new energies that we carry to the endure, as you perform in any family, generation after generation. I hope you gain the ride as much as we did."

Will E: "I am honored to be a component of this chapter of THE GUESS WHO. We especially created and arranged the music to reflect what world have always loved around the band; good songs with substantial vocal pushed chorsupplies. We completed our own sound while maintaining the timeless nature that provides THE GUESS WHO an iconic band also."

Rudy Sarzo: "THE GUESS WHO is component of the soundtrack of my life. It"s truly an honor to have actually performed on the brand-new record. And I"m currently looking forward to the following one."

Leonard Shaw: "It has actually been rather the expedition because I joined the GUESS WHO 25 years earlier, but I am stoked around our brand-new recording of original songs! These songs are fun to play live, and also civilization are digging them!"

"The Future Is What It Used To Be" track listing: 01. When We Were Young02. Runnin" Blind03. Talks All The Time04. Baby Come Around05. Haunted06. In America07. Playin" On The Radio08. Give It A Try09. Good Girl10. Long Day


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