Although he is a stranger—and a dead stranger at that—Esteban plays a central duty in the villagers’ lives. He does not stop, yet his challenge and his body soptimal for him, telling the villagers exactly how sorry he is to be such a bvarious other, large and also cumbersome as he is. They intuit that he is kind and considerate, yet authoritative sufficient to command also the fish to jump into his boat once he is fishing. The womales of the village discover him “speaking” to them in various other methods, making them compare their husbands to his splendid dimension and handsome attributes. His existence in the village forces them to study their stays and also to work together to beautify their village. Esteban exists, then, not in the body of the dead male the village kids have uncovered on the beach, yet in the minds of the villagers themselves, that are influenced to much better their resides.

The Villagers

The occupants of this tiny fishing village struggle day-to-day in a harsh climate. Their spilgrimage of land is so narrow that tright here is not even enough room to bury their dead. The village is so little that the drowned guy is automatically identified as a stranger, because “they simply had actually to look at one one more to see that they were all tright here.” No one in the village is named, increasing the feeling that they live and also act as a group. The woguys respond to Esteban through care, then admiration, then longing, and also finally, ownership. The men respond at first with irritation and jealousy, yet gradually they also start to feel compassion and pity. The solidarity of the villagers is borne out by the method that every one of them take responsibility for Esteban simply as all of them will inevitably take obligation for beautifying their village after he is gone. Garcia Marquez provided the village of Aracataca and also its human being as loose models for this story, which also shows his socialistic ideas.

Source Credits:

Kathleen Wilboy (Editor), Short Stories for Students: Presenting Analysis, Conmessage & Criticism on Commjust Studied Quick Stories, Volume 1, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Publimelted by Gale, 1997.

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