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Hello,I have actually been having actually this worry quite a little, I"m not certain if my strategy is wrong or I am just going around it the wrong way. In the image below I am trying to perform a reduced extrude to rerelocate the little nub, but I can just "blind cut". If I try "approximately surface" or "counter from surface" I recieve the error "the intended reduced does not intersect the model",once the reduced does intersect the nub(model), which is component of the as a whole solid body?Any thoughts or tips appreciated.

Is this an imported model/surchallenge you"re functioning on?If not, roll earlier to prior to the "nub" attribute was developed and knit together all the surfaces in that location.Roll ago to wbelow you desire to include your cut and use a surface cut through the knit surface rather.If the surface reduced doesn"t work, use an extruded cut as much as your knitted surchallenge.The cut does not occupational the method you"re intfinishing bereason you"re specifying a surchallenge totally outside the bounds of your extruded profile.Also, the surconfront doesn"t envelop your extruded profile also if it did overlap.So SW doesn"t recognize what to do, because your cut is being stated somewhere your sketched profile does not truly issue.Try the workroughly I discussed and also I think you"ll be fine.

Jeff Mowrywww.industrialdesignhaus.comReality is no respecter of great intentions.

RE: Trouble via Cut Extrude

robperly (Industrial)
12 Oct 05 21:27
Jeff,thank you for the reply, unfortunately the model is imported geomeattempt (parasolid). I now understand why the cut is not functioning. Is tright here one more I deserve to attempt to reduced the little nub feature to blend via the existing surconfront or can I just perform a blind reduced and also then include a radius to match whats there? Thanks,Rob
Is tright here even more than one body in the file? Instead of letting it Auto choose it, expand Feature Scope at the bottom of the extrude dialogue and also unexamine Auto and manually pick the body you desire it to influence. JasonUG NX2.02.2 on Win2000 SP3SolidWorks 2005 SP5.0 on WinXP SP2SolidWorks 2006 SP0.0 on WinXP SP2
Another alternative would certainly be to attempt the Delete Face (Insert, Face, Delete) command also.Pick all the deals with of the "nub" and also make certain the "Delete and Patch" alternative (default) is stated.This will yield the cleanest geometry if SWX will extfinish the bordering deals with.The various other alternatives of the Delete Face might occupational for you, depending on what you"re trying to attain.Dave Gowans
Dave, that"s an excellent point--regularly functions best as soon as you"ve obtained imported geometry.In this instance, I would certainly delete the nub deals with wihtout filling or patching, then fill the hole as a separate procedure to regulate surconfront tangencies.It looks like the nub continues to be mostly on the fillet, but exoften tends onto the non-fillet surfaces.This may call for a fill in 2 measures through surchallenge trims/exhas a tendency first (complicated to describe here).Rob, if you have actually obstacles after trying it out, you can send me the file by email and also I deserve to deal with it and also sfinish it ago.My email address is on the contact page of the site listed below. Jeff Mowrywww.industrialdesignhaus.comReality is no respecter of good intentions.
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