This post will certainly guide on the basic controls and techniques of the game The Last of Us (TLoU). Read on for even more indevelopment and also tips within this area.

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You deserve to check your Crafting, Character Skills and also Collectibles in your backfill by pressing the Touchpad of the controller then scrolling with them by pressing the R1 and L1 switch.

Equipped Items

Use your equipped items by pressing the directional buttons. You have the right to also change your equipped item by holding the X button.

Melee Attack

Encountering an enemy you will certainly have actually the choice to strike them up cshed, by pressing (□) square button your character will certainly either punch or hit the enemies through a melee weapon. Using a melee strike WITHOUT
a weapon against a Clicker is ineffective It is additionally ineffective utilizing a melee strike through or without a weapon versus a Bloater


Recieveing your first gun at The Quarantine Zone chapter you will have to reload it initially by just pressing the R2 switch.

Aim and also Shoot

Pressing the L2 switch will certainly make your character aim, while holding the L1 switch then pressing the R2 switch wil pull the trigger. The controls are likewise the same on how to usage a grenade.


Listen Mode

Pressing the R1 switch will certainly allow Joel"s listening ability, it have the right to identify exactly how many opponents are in the location. You can additionally upgrade it to increase the distance it can cover. For more indevelopment around the Listen mode ability, view the attach below:Listen Mode


Crafting will enable you to develop (Bombs, Shiv, Medical Kit, Melee Upgrade). Ingredients are required for you to craft items, you can pick it up throughout the game.

Stealth Kill

Sneaking with the enemy, you deserve to go behind them and also grab them you have the right to choke them by pressing the (□) square switch which takes up time to complete or remove them instantly by making use of a Shiv pressing the (△) triangle button. Note: You will need a Shiv to instantly eliminate the opponents.

Using opponents as shield

When grabbing the enemies from behind you deserve to additionally have actually the choice usage them as shield, once holding someone as hophase the enemies will certainly not you shoot at you. You have the right to not usage this versus the infected.

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Stun your enemies

Using the items such as (Brick and Bottle) deserve to stun your enemies for a second, permitting you to grab them. Aim for the opponents using your crosshair then press the R2 button to throw it at them.

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