Region Map FoundRegion Treacertain FoundRewards
The MountainCouncil of ValkyriesEye of Runic Supremacy Enchantment, Unstable Ore, Hardened Svartalfheim Steel x5, 10,000 Hacksilver





You can’t miss this on your course ago to the summit (left), the Valkyrie name drop is a vast giveameans. (right)

When you go back to the Mountain close to the end of your journey, you’ll need to find an different means to the summit. After you reach the upper levels, follow the path and you’ll come across this on the ground, it’s difficult to miss out on this.

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Treacertain Location¶

Head to the Council of Valkyries and also search close to the north wall, cshed to a waterloss to find the dig spot.

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PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment PlatformsPS4 GenreAction Adventure Guide Release20 April 2018Guide AuthorBen Chard

Following the devastation of the Greek Pantheon, Kratos hides himself ameans in the Norse realm Midgard. Upon the fatality of his beloved, Kratos and his son begin a journey that will adjust them forever throughout the Norse worlds. As a mentor to his kid, he should be a guiding light yet the burden of his past still looms over him.

The the majority of complete overview for God of War features whatever you might wish to understand in the time of your time in Midgard. A step-by-action walkwith featuring every collectible, treasure map and more depicted through gorgeous screenshots.

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Version 1.0:

Full walkwith of the primary storyline.Coverage of all Sidepursuits.Detailed methods on just how to defeat eincredibly optional boss.Find eincredibly Treasure Hoard.Eexceptionally collectible uncovered.Detailed information on character builds for Kratos.

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