TNT’s The Last Ship released Seachild 4 by revealing a new danger to the world — and also thus to the Nathan James itself. Retired CNO Tom Chandler, meanwhile, did his finest keep a low profile in Greece, but a local crime lord had actually other plans.

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Right off the bat, we learn that the Red Virus has actually “jumped kingdoms.” Having been properly fended off by mankind, it is currently infecting plants — the important staple corn, to name one. The obscure Afrideserve to oil palm, however, has prrange immune to the Red Rust, and as the activity picks up, Sasha and also British Royal Navy bud(/beau?) Fletcher (Dominion‘s Jonathan Howard) are trying to extract from a black industry seller, Mahmoud, the location of a stolen seed stash. Alas, a shootout interrupts the meeting, landing the snitch in a coma. The Nathan James brings Mahmoud to a base in Spain to recover — setting the phase for a reunion in between Danny and also Kara/their child — yet also that safe harbor is consisted of by an invasion of gunmen, one that leaves Slattery’s longtime frifinish Boylan, as well as Mahmoud, dead, while a gravely wounded Cameron Burk is sent ameans for a likely leg amputation/duty on Designated Survivor.

Based off a spoken clue from Mahmoud, paired with a tattoo of his, the Nathan James sets course for Algeria, suspecting that a major player named Omar is sitting on the stash of seeds. But as the James nears the coastline, it brushes up against “fishing nets” that actually contain an IED that kills not only the ship’s propulsion but all power, including that to the tools systems. Having rejoined the crew for the time being, Kara gets the principle to daisy-chain some portable batteries to feed the anti-missile gun sufficient juice to ward off any strikes coming from the the coast cliffs. Vulture team meanwhile sets out to navigate the mountain’s tunnel system and neutralize the missile launcher. With the James all however a sitting duck, the crew is able to Jerry-rig a new source of compelled air that restores power, permitting them in the nick of time to strike at the situated launcher — simply as Wolf, Sasha and also Danny leap amethod from it, while Burk, newcomer Azima (Jodie Turner-Smith) and also others shield themselves in the cave behind it. Reassembling aboard the ship, Slattery cautions his crew that their downtime won’t be lengthy, as they’ll should swing ago into activity as shortly as they gain to Algeria.

Meanwhile, in Greece….


We see that Chandler for the past 16 months has actually been living incognito via his kids, befrifinishing and also working alongside a local fisherman, Alex, and his family members. The fishing captain, Tom learns, has surmised his identification, and also while he understands the desire to lay low, he likewise notes that tbelow continues to be a fight to fight. Tom, however, has actually had his fill of playing hero. That shelp, he gets pulled right into a local squabble as soon as crime boss Giorgio (Twilight‘s Jackboy Rathbone) gets a little aggressive in exacting his defense “tax” from Alex. Giorgio also steras fight nights wbelow locals slug it out for scraps of scarce food.

When Tom and also Alex get a little bit cheeky and also make off via one of Giorgio’s boats/hauls, the fiery blowago costs the elderly fisherman his life. Tom consequently gets dragged into(/purposely infiltrates?) Giorgio’s gang of goons, having previously laid out his finest fighter with one “lucky” punch. Arriving at Giorgio’s lavish, mountainheight digs, Chandler 1) confirms that his host is not the top man however answers to someone, 2) sees that a pendant Giorgio wears serves as a “card key” to his office, and 3) mutually catches the eyes of Giorgio’s sensual sister, Lucia (Tyrant‘s Sibylla Deen). After Giorgio’s finest fighter shames him by shedding, badly, to the Greek Navy captain’s finest brawler, Ares, he picks his brand-new Amerihave the right to recruit, “Mr. Nobody,” to tag in. A bare-chested Chandler proceeds to not only best Ares, yet goes so much regarding “end him” once Giorgio offers the (historically inaccurate?) thumbs-dvery own signal.

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That night, Chandler gets invited into Lucia’s chambers, where she whips up some “nostos” (a drug/tea made from Red Rust-infected weeds) and dubs her new Amerihave the right to frifinish “Hercules” — prior to engaging in that thing that consenting, attrenergetic adults carry out at night….