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Term Channel
Definition Medium with which a message passes from sender to receiver.

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Term Cognitive Complexity
Definition The ability to construct a variety of frameworks for viewing an concern.
Term Communication
Definition A constant, transactional process involving participants who occupy different yet overlapping atmospheres and produce relationships through the exadjust of messeras, many kind of of which are influenced by outside, physiological, and emotional noise.
Term Communication Competence
Definition The capacity to achieve one"s individual objectives in a manner that maintains a relationship on terms that are acceptable to all parties.
Term Content Dimension
Definition The part of a message that communicates indevelopment around the subject being disputed.
Term decoding
Definition The procedure in which a receiver attaches interpretation to a message.
Term dis-inhibition
Definition The tendency to transmit messeras without considering their consequences; occurs even more generally in mediated communication.
Term dyad
Definition Two individuals interacting. The interactivity may or may not be interpersonal in nature.
Term encode
Definition The procedure of putting thoughts into icons, most typically words.
Term environment
Definition The area of experiences that leads a person to make sense of another"s habits. Environments consist of physical characteristics, personal experiences, relational history, and social background.
Term impersonal communication
Definition Behavior that treats others as objects rather than individuals.
Term critical goals
Definition Goals aimed at acquiring others to behave in desired ways.
Term interpersonal interaction (quantitative + qualitative)
Definition Quantitative feeling = Communication (usually face-to-face) between two individuals. Qualitative feeling = Communication in which the parties take into consideration one an additional as distinctive individuals fairly that objects. It is defined by minimal use of stereo-typed labels; distinct, idiosyncratic rules; and also a high degree of indevelopment exadjust.
Term Linear Communication Model
Definition A characterization of communication as a one-way event in which a message flows from sender to receiver.
Term Mediated Communication
Definition Communication between people that is performed via technical networks such as email, chat rooms, texting, and also immediate messaging.
Term message
Definition Information sent out from a sender to a receiver.
Term noise (exterior, physiological, psychological)
Definition External, physiological, and also emotional distractions that interfere through the exact transmission and also reception of a message.
Term receiver
Definition One who notices and also atoften tends to a message.
Term relational dimension
Definition The component of a message that expresses the social partnership in between two or more individuals.
Term richness
Definition An abundance of nonverbal cues that add clarity to a verbal message; opposite of leanness.
Term self-monitoring
Definition Process of attending to one"s actions and making use of these observations to shape the way one behaves.
Term sender
Definition The creator of a message.

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Term transactional communication model
Definition A characterization of interaction as the simultaneous sending and receiving of messages in an continuous, irreversible procedure.