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opt in, option, optional, optionee, option money, opto-, optoelectronic devices, optokinetic, optometer, optometrist, optometry

Opto- is a combining develop offered choose a prefix interpretation “optic” or “vision.” It is frequently provided in clinical and medical terms, specifically in optomeattempt and ophthalmology.

Opto- comes from the Greek optós, definition “visible.” This word is concerned the Greek word ṓps, definition “eye” or “face,” and also ophthalmós, interpretation “eye.” Ophthalmós is inevitably the source of ophthalmo- and also ophthalm-. Also inevitably coming from the Greek ṓps are the combining develops -opia, -opsia, -opsy, and also -opy.

The Latin word for “eye” is oculus, resource of the combining form oculo-.

What are variants of opto-?

When linked via words or word aspects that begin with a vowel, opto- becomes opt-, as in optesthesia.

Instances of opto-

An instance of a word you might have actually encountered that features the combining develop opto- is optometry, “the practice or profession of examining the eyes.”

We understand that opto- means “vision,” however what around the -meattempt part of the word? The combining develop -meattempt means “the procedure of measuring.” Optomeattempt literally converts to “measuring vision.”

What are some words that use the combining develop opto-?

What are some other creates that opto- may be generally perplexed with?

Not eincredibly word that starts through the precise letters opto- or opt- are necessarily making use of the combining develop opto- to denote “vision,” such as optimal. Find Out why optimal means “best” at our enattempt for the word.

Break it down!

The combining develop -meter indicates “measure” and is supplied in the names of various measuring instruments. An optometer is an instrument used to make a one-of-a-kind form of measurement on what part of the body?

How to usage opto- in a sentence

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Medical meanings for opto-


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Eye; vision:optometry.


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