Word "monkey" has been racist for

long time

EDITOR: The headline of Charles Avery"s letter from the Sept. 4 concern asks, "Because when is "monkey" racist?"

Well, most likely since World War II, if not some 35 years previously – once " monkeys" appeared in the song, "The Monessential Have No Tails in Zambaoanga." Back in 1907, the word "monkeys" might not have had actually racial or ethnic connotations. But it certainly obtained some later.

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However, it shows up that the targets of this playful derision were Filipinos, not African Americans.

JW Morgan


We must save skilled-nursing facility!

EDITOR: The "job force," charged by the Sonoma Valley Hospital to evaluate the clocertain of the Skilled Nursing Facility, has actually scheduled a meeting for Thursday, Sept. 27 at 5 p.m. at the Community Meeting Room. Please attend. Closing the professional nursing facility (SNF) will leave a huge void in the level of treatment for patients requiring those solutions. It is skeptical that there are various other great full-organization choices easily accessible in the tvery own of Sonoma let alone in the Valley.

SNF opeprices currently via 24 beds and is rather often at full capacity. The skilled nursing facility is not just a location which provides a bed and also a meal while you recover. SNF has actually all of the assistance services so vital to prepare a patient to end up being mobile and also physically capable of doing what it takes to resume everyday living features and return to their houses. All of these important solutions are under one roof and that reality alone renders this facility so distinct, helpful and incredibly a lot needed by our neighborhood.

The financial situation needs more examicountry prior to vital services are dismantled. It is imperative that the right decision be made regarding the SNF. Over 25 percent of our population in Sonoma are seniors. The needs of seniors are thriving disproportionately to the basic public"s demands whether it be real estate, transport or sufficient clinical treatment.

I urge you to note your calendars and voice your comes to. We need to discover a

way to preserve the nursing facility at Sonoma Valley Hospital.

Laurie Sebesta


Fate of Crescent School a tough lesboy indeed

EDITOR: Last spring, students and staff at Crescent Montessori School met via food writer Kathleen Hill to learn around "fake news" and also journalism. Unfortunately, the I-T article publimelted last month around Crescent ("Crescent Closes Grade School; Reverts to Precollege Only," Aug. 21) would make an excellent leschild about just how oobjectives and elisions have the right to obscure the reality, despite the accuracy of the article"s facts.

When the institution year finished in June, the school"s board of directors, including Karin Niehoff, stated in no uncertain terms that the college would be open for preschool through eighth grade in 2018-2019.

Ms. Niehoff dubbed parents and teachers on July 11 to tell them the institution was closing, a decision reportedly triggered by a frustrated initiative to alleviate facilities expenses. Neither she nor the board ever told institution family members that remaining open was contingent on reducing those expenses.

In July, tright here were 28 students enrolled, dvery own from around 45 at the start of 2018. So to say that "many put in applications for other schools" soon after January, as the write-up proclaimed, is untrue. More than fifty percent of the admittedly small student body had re-enrolled, or been reput by new incoming families – who were recruited throughout the spring and early summer.

After Ms. Niehoff"s announcement, to my knowledge the board of directors never issued an main response, voted to cshed the college or any of its programs, or took any type of formal action to save the institution open for the biggest possible contingent of students; nor did they formally decide to host the Aug. 18 sale of college materials.

I believe the board erred on the side of being deferential to Ms. Niehoff. Had they persuaded her to retire and leave the school"s fate to the board, through a concerted initiative they can have conserved more of its programs.

As a previous school parent that remained committed until the last, I"ve invested the past month struggling with whether to compose. But this chain of occasions renders a potent discussion for transparency, conflict-of-interest protocols, and experienced financial administration within nonprofit institutions.

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Also, through the future of the "reborn" preschool in flux, it"s sucount useful to understand the school"s recent past. As they say, those that do not understand history are doomed to repeat it.

Finally, I go back to the memory of those Crescent students discovering around journalism. If we can not forthrightly tell the fact, exactly how have the right to we mean the children whose education we prize so very to perform so?