Overview to Human Migration

Students comment on kinds of migration and civilization that migrate. Then they brainstorm reasons for moving.

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Refugee Family

A refugee family members crosses the Moei River into Thailand. They lug their belongings.

Picture by James L. Stanfield


1. Build background about huguy migration and also types of migration.Exsimple to students that humale migration is the movement of civilization from one location in the human being to an additional. Ask: What are some different forms of humale movements? Then tell students that world relocate for many type of reasons, and also that kinds of human migration include:

inner migration: moving within a state, country, or continentexternal migration: moving to a various state, nation, or continentemigration: leaving one nation to move to anotherimmigration: relocating into a brand-new countryreturn migration: moving earlier to where you came fromseasonal migration: relocating through each seakid or in response to labor or climate conditions


2. Discuss people that move.Tell students that civilization who move fall right into numerous categories:

An emigrant is a perchild who is leaving one nation to live in one more.An immigrant is a person that is entering a country from another to make a new house.A refugee is a perboy that has actually moved to a brand-new country because of a trouble in their former residence.

Have students administer certain examples of each to show understanding of the distinctions between the three terms.3. Brainstorm reasons for moving.Ask: Why carry out civilization move? What forces perform you think drive human migration? Then define to students that human being relocate for many reasons and also that those reasons are dubbed press determinants and pull determinants. Tell students that push factors incorporate leaving a location bereason of a trouble, such as a food shortage, war, or flood. Tell students that pull factors incorporate relocating to a location because of somepoint excellent, such as a nicer climate, even more project methods, or a better food supply. Ask: What effect does a region’s economic situation, climate, national politics, and also culture have on migration to and from the area? Have students brainstorm added reasons for moving, such as displacement by a organic disaster, lack of herbal resources, the state of an economic situation, and also even more.

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Informal Assessment

Check students’ comprehension. Make certain they understand the distinction in between emigrants, immigrants, and refugees.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

list and define major forms of migration describe categories of human being who move list factors for migrating
Skills Outline

This task targets the complying with skills:

Critical Thinking Skills Remembering Understanding Geographic Skills

Connections to National Standards, Principles, and Practices

National Council for Social Studies Curriculum Standards National Geography Standards