Salso years after vanishing from her house, a young woguy returns through mysterious new abilities and also recruits five strangers for a mystery mission.

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A woman missing for salso years transforms up at a hospital with stvariety scars on her ago but can't -- or won't -- expose wright here she's been.

The OA retraces the dramatic twists and also transforms in her life after a childhood accident, leading up to a fateful enrespond to much from home many type of years later.

A journalist approaches the household with an market. At Hap's, a bond is forged with Homer and also the others as they hatch a desperate arrangement.

An agonizing dilemma gives OA a brand-new perspective on the group's plight. Homer resolves to find out what Hap's experiments are really about.

While Hap zeroes in on a new test topic in Cuba, Homer and also OA job-related to perfect their escape arrangement. Scott reaches his breaking suggest.

As the team proceeds its search for the final movement, a startling revolve of occasions provides Hap's job-related a new urgency.

An ominous brand-new dream and a tense outing via Nancy and also Abel take a toll on OA. Steve finds his life in turmoil as soon as aobtain.

After OA recounts a dramatic final night at Hap's, the others begin to check out her story in a brand-new light. The fragments of the dream click right into area.

After waking up to a brand-new life in San Francisco, OA is drawn into a search for a absent teen and begins to enrespond to acquainted faces from her past.

While personal eye Karim Washington scours San Francisco for a absent teenager that was connected in a cryptic game, OA wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings.

At the clinic, OA discovers what occurred to her friends back at Hap's. Karim turns his attention to a doctor that operated for Pierre Ruskin.

In Michigan, Steve begs the gang to try jumping to another dimension, and also a presence in Buck's mirror inspires an unmost likely pilgrpicture.

Karim visits Nina at the clinic for assist finding the trick entrance to the home. At the same time, Hap meets a fellow traveler, and also Homer goes on a day.

After a harrowing ordeal, OA and also Karim find themselves locked inside a labyrinth of puzzles. Nagging doubts prompt Homer to snoop on Dr. Percy.

As BBA and also the children head west, an alarming news report forces them to rate up their plans. Jesse wrestles through lingering trauma from the shooting.

Karim returns to the residence with reinforcements, OA tries to access Nina's memories, and Hap uses to discharge Scott -- after one last experiment.

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While BBA and the others converge on the clinic, Nina persuades Hap to display her his research, and Karim unlocks among the house's final tricks.

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