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FRIDAY PUZZLE — Once in a while we get a themed Friday. That’s the situation through Bruce Haight’s participation via David Steinberg, and also it’s an interesting deal with, as lengthy as you remember to duck and dodge.

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Tricky Clues

1A: LEFT JAB for “The ‘one’ in ‘the old one-two’” feels somewhat random. Yes, “the old one-two” is a combination of any quick punches in boxing, which could theoretically contain a LEFT JAB. It just feels prefer the “maybe” was thrown in tbelow to cover the bases.

26A: Hi, kids! The comic MOE Howard was the leader of The Three Stooges, and was notable for his babsence bowl-shaped haircut.

37A: “Suits, briefs, and so on.” might be referring to a lawsuit, yet it can also be hinting at MEN’S WEAR.

52A: Read the clue closely. It claims “Wheels of fortune,” not “Wheel of Fortune,” which would be the game show. “Wheels” is a nickname for “automobile,” and if we were supposed to be reasoning of the game display, the “F” in fortune would be capitalized. In this puzzle, “Wheels of fortune” is a LIMO.

61A: “Short” in this puzzle suggests without money, so “Somepoint a short driver might need” is not a booster seat, yet a CAR LOAN.

3D: Kind of grisly, but a fascinating play on words. “Hide seeker” plays on the game “hide and also seek,” but this seeker is in search of pelts. The answer is FURRIER.

33D: “Place for a reworn down soldier” sounds choose the answer need to be “golf course” or something, but this soldier is just a tiny weary and also has reexhausted to his or her COT.

Today’s Theme

Stselection looking grid, isn’t it? If you’ve been addressing for a while, you know that Mr. Haight likes to construct puzzles through grid art in them, and very regularly that art has to do with animals. This puzzle has actually bats in it.

See the 3 “M” shaped babsence square trends in the facility of the grid? Those are the BATS IN THE BELFRY we’ve all heard around, and also the other design template entry is at 17A, SPREAD ONE’S WINGS.

In nondesign template news, the grid is pretty well-filled. I specifically favored I SURE DO, ALLOW ME, SNOCONE and MARS BAR.

Constructor Notes

Bruce Haight: I submitted a BATS puzzle to Will ago in around 2015 — he favored the grid art, however I couldn’t come up with two solid 15 letter theme entries. I threw about a dozen of them at him, consisting of CHOKE UP ON THE BAT — that’s just how desperate I was.

I eventually sent out the idea to David, given that he did an remarkable job of coming up through a 2nd design template entry for our HATS puzzle. David said SPREAD ONE’S WINGS, and the job took off from tright here. It would certainly have been nice to run it on Halloween, but the following Friday Halloween is 2025.

It’s always a pleasure working via David. He newly graduated from Stanford (congratulations, David!) and part of their commencement ceremony is a “Wacky Walk” into the stadium in costume. Here is David making the CrossWorld proud! (check out attached pic)

David Steinberg: Almethods fun to co-construct through Bruce! Squeezing in enough zippy nonthematic fill for a Friday was a challenge, offered the constraints of the grid art and also design template entries, yet fortunately, it didn’t drive us batty. I’m particularly fond of Bruce’s LEFT JAB/I SURE DO stack in the northwest corner.

My post-graduation arrangement is to continue editing and enhancing the Universal Crossword, which I’ll be doing in-residence at Andrews McMeel Universal as their Puzzles and Games Editor beginning in September. “The kid” of crosswords is now officially grvery own up!

The Tipping Point

Almost finiburned resolving but need a bit more help? We’ve obtained you spanned.

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Warning: Tright here be spoilers ahead, but subscribers have the right to take a peek at the answer key.