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Sarah Hyland confirmed off her new ribcage tatas well. Emma McIntyre/Getty Imeras The INSIDER Summary:Sarah Hyland debuted a brand-new ribcage tattoo, which shows up to be a line going with a circle target.

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Hyland verified off her tatas well on Instagram through one of her favorite quotes by Robert Frost, "The best means out is constantly through."The tatas well is fitting for Hyland also that has undergone her fair share of health struggles recently.They say what doesn’t kill you provides you stronger, and Sarah Hyland’s brand-new ribcage tatas well appears to be proof of just that. Taking to Instagram, the Candies artistic director verified off brand new inkby celebrity artistDr. Woo, which appears to be a line going with a circle target.

It’s a fitting quote for Hyland, 26, who has actually gone through her fair share of battles as of late. Not only did the"Modern Family"star skipthis year’s SAG Awardsbecause of health factors, however she was forced to pen aheartbreaking noteearlier in May to shut dvery own virtual trolls who would bully the star for her weight.

“I haven’t had the best year,” she composed in an Instagram article at the time. “I will say that this year has carried a lot of changes, and with that, physical changes. I have been told I can’t occupational out… I’ve basically been on bed rest for the past few months, I’ve shed many muscle mass. My situations have put me in a place where I’m not in control of what my body looks favor.”

—Sarah Hyland (
Sarah_Hyland) May 24, 2017

While she didn’tobtain into specifics, the"XOXO"actress has been plenty open up around her issues withkidney dysplasiain the previous, a problem in which the kidneys don’t develop effectively at birth and also fluid-filled cysts relocation normal kidney tworry. She underwent akidney transplantago in 2012 as a result, a procedure which has actually an average lifeexpectancy of about 15 years for a living donor (Hyland got her kidney from her father).

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From the looks of things, the star’s brand-new ink may be a reminder that the only way out of her present case is to keep fighting through it, which renders for some pretty solid symbolism, indeed.

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