Solar Eclipse
The blocking of sunlight to Earth that occurs when the moon is in between the sun and Earth is referred to as a solar eclipse.

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astronomyThe examine of the moon, stars and various other objects in area is dubbed astronomy.
rotationEarth"s rotation on its axis reasons day and night.
seasonsEarth has periods because its axis is tilted as it moves approximately the sun.
gravityThe force of gravity pulls the moon and Earth towards each other.
mariaDark, flat regions on the moon"s surconfront are referred to as maria.
equinoxThe two days of the year on which neither hemispright here is tilted toward or amethod from the sun is called the equinox.
phasesThe place of the moon, Planet and also the sunlight cause the phases of the moon, eclipses and also tides.
tidesThe day-to-day rise and fevery one of Earth"s wasters on shores is referred to as tides.
craterA round pit on the moon"s surconfront is referred to as a crater.
autumnal equinoxThe autumnal equinox occurs about Sept 23 and also marks the start of fall in the northern hemisphere
umbraThe darkest part of the moon"s shadow that is cone shaped is called the umbra
solsticesThe two days of the year on which the noon sunlight is straight overhead at either 23.5 levels southern or 23.5 degrees north are well-known as solstices.
satellitea satellite is any kind of herbal or man-made object that revolves approximately a things in space, simply as the moon revolves around Planet.
revolutionthe movement of one object about another object such as the Earth"s orlittle about the sun is referred to as revolution.
orbitThe path of a things as it revolves roughly another object in area is dubbed an orbit.
Geosynchronous orbitGeosynchronous orbit is the orbit of a satellite that revolves approximately Earth at the same rate that Earth rotates.
vernal equinoxThe vernal equinox or spring equinox occurs approximately march 21 and marks the beginning of spring in the north hemisphere.
penumbraThe lighter, bigger part of the moon"s shadow is referred to as the penumbra.
latitudelperspective is a measurement of distance from the equator, expressed in levels north or southern.
lunar eclipesThe blocking of sunlight to the moon tha toccurs once Planet is straight between the sun and also the moon
telescopeA tool constructed to study distand objects by making them show up closer.

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axisThe imaginary line that passes through Earth"s facility and also the NOrth and also South poles is called Earth"s axis.