The passing of traits from parents to offspring.

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geneticsThe scientific examine of heredity.
traitThe various develops a characteristic has actually.
Gregor MendalAustrian monk that experimented with pea plants in the mid 1800"s
purebredAn offspring of many generations that all have actually the exact same trait
leading alleleA trait that constantly mirrors up in an organism as soon as allele is present
recessive alleleA trait that is hidden once the leading allele is present
hybridAn organism that has actually two various alleles for a trait (Tt)
co-dominanceNo leading or recessive alleles (hybrids show both traits)
protein synthesisProcess in which the cell provides indevelopment on a gene to make a protein.
DNAProvides the code to make MRNA and is uncovered in the nucleus, step 1, consisted of of four nitrogen bases: adenine, guanine, thymine, cytozine
MRNAMessenger RNA attaches to the ribosome after traveling to it, step 2
Transfer RNAWith its attached amino acids it reads the MRNA
amino acidsThey are added to the prospering protein chain to make a protein
genetic codeA section of DNA that codes for making one specific protein
groups of three nitrogen basesThe genetic code is comprise of these and is referred to as codon.

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mutationA mistake arising in one gene of a chromosome; an incorrect protein is developed in the time of protein synthesis
chromosome theory of inheritanceGenes are carried from parental fees to their offspring on chromosomes.
meiosisThe procedure by which the variety of chromosomes is reduced by fifty percent to form sex cells
phenotypeAn organism"s physical appearance, or visible traits
genotypeAn organism"s hereditary makeup, or allele combinations
heterozygousDescribes an organism that has 2 various alleles for a trait
homozygousDescribes an organism through 2 the same alleles for a trait
probabilitythe number that explains just how most likely it is that an occasion will occur
Punnett SquareA chart that mirrors all the feasible combinations of alleles that deserve to result from a genetic cross