To every marketing executive, the requirement and also value of test marketing are regularly murky issues. The difficulty is partly that new products aren’t emerged and put through their paces in a systematic sufficient method to let marketing males recognize as soon as a test market is really in order. Compounding this challenge is that the goals of <…>

To eincredibly marketing executive, the necessity and also value of test marketing are frequently murky worries. The trouble is partially that brand-new products aren’t occurred and put through their paces in a methodical sufficient way to let marketing men recognize as soon as a test sector is really in order. Compounding this difficulty is that the purposes of <…>


To every marketing executive, the requirement and also value of test marketing are regularly murky concerns. The difficulty is partially that new assets aren’t occurred and put through their paces in a methodical enough way to let marketing men know when a test sector is really in order. Compounding this challenge is that the purposes of <…>


To every marketing executive, the requirement and also worth of test marketing are regularly murky issues. The difficulty is partially that new products aren’t developed and put through their paces in a systematic enough means to let marketing males understand once a test industry is really in order. Compounding this difficulty is that the purposes of test marketing are occasionally unclear and that the indevelopment, when gathered, is often imcorrectly offered. This post is an effort to lay bare the bones of the concern. Beginning with a review of sound brand-new product development, it clarifies as soon as a test industry should be done, what its aims should be, and to what provides it have to be put. Relying for many of their judgments on quoted first-perkid interwatch material via marketing executives, the authors finish via a postscript on exactly how technological development can assist in test marketing.

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The executive must weigh a myriad of information as he decides whether to go via a brand-new product. To help him in his decision, he might take into consideration test marketing to gather yet even more indevelopment.

For the executive contemplating test marketing, we intend to focus first on 3 strategic questions:

When need to you conduct a test market? What can you learn from a test market? How must you use information from a test market?

We will certainly then discover recent advances in new product research—particularly, the usage of simulation models and also test markets in the laboratory environment.

The concerns and answers that follow reflect test marketing experiences we gathered from 31 marketing study executives that had actually been connected in hundreds of new product introductions. (See the sidebar “Commentators” for the list of interviewees.) These commodities consisted of packaged grocery items, health-care products, and customer durables. The executives recurrent three orientations toward test markets—the manufacturer, the proclaiming agency, and the marketing study provided.


Alvin A. Achenbaum, Principal, Canter & Achenbaum, Inc., New York

Valentine Appel, President, W.R. Simmons Company type of, New York

Joel P. Baumwoll, Senior Vice President, Research and Planning, J. Wtransform Thompchild Company

Henry J. Claycamp, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, International Harvester Company, Chicago

Theodore F. Dunn, Senior Vice President, Director of Research Services, Benton & Bowles, New York

Robert J. Eggert, Staff Vice President, Economics and Marketing Research, RCA Corporation, New York

Gerald J. Eskin, Associate Professor of Firm Administration, University of Iowa, Iowa City

R. Stephen Fountaine, Director of Marketing Research, Philip Morris, New York

Lawrence D. Gibson, Director of Marketing Research, General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis

Paul F. Hase, Vice President, Research 100, Princeton, New Jersey

Calvin Hodock, Vice President, Consumer Research, Carter Wallace, Inc., New York

Alfred A. Kuehn, President, Market Science Associates, New York

Robert J. Lavidge, President, Elrick & Lavidge, Inc., Chicback

Philip Levine, Senior Vice President, Director of Research, Ogilvy & Mather, New York

Lawrence M. Light, Research Director, Senior Vice President, BBD&O, New York

Benjamin Lipstein, Senior Vice President, Director of Research, SSC&B, New York

Kenneth Longman, President, Benson & Benkid, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey

Rictough Lysaker, Senior Vice President, Audits & Surveys, New York

John McMennamin, Vice President, Research and also New Products Director, Norton Simon Communications, New York

Joseph Nearby, Director of Market Planning, McCall’s Patterns, New York

Sheldon Newmale, Director of Marketing Research, Chesebrough-Pond’s, Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut

Robert Olins, Vice President and Director of Research, Young & Rubicam, Chicago

Alvin Ossip, Associate Director Marketing Research Department, General Foods Corporation, White Plains, New York

Arthur S. Pearkid, Director of Marketing Services, Clairol, Inc., New York

Vincent Petrilli, Marketing Consultant, Chicearlier

Fred Posner, Associate Director, Marketing Research Department, General Foods Corporation, White Plains, New York

Robert W. Pratt, Jr., Manager, Company Research and also Forespreading Operation, Major Appliance Company Group, General Electric Company type of

William Saint, Manager, Sales Forespreading and Sales Research, Chesebrough-Pond’s, Inc., Greenwich

Raymond E. Schucker, Marketing Research, Consultant, Minneapolis

Michael von Gonten, Senior Vice President, Research Solution, Inc., Evansville, Indiana

William Weilbacher, Vice Chairman, Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, Inc., New York

Whether to test industry is a weaken between collecting more information, at significant straight and indirect expense, to reduce uncertainty, and also presenting the product automatically to make money. As Posner points out, “Eextremely month in test implies providing up sales if the product turns out to be effective.”

The straight prices of test marketing incorporate a pilot plant to make the product, commercials, an advertising company bereason media are not billed, point-of-sale product created in little quantities, higher media expenses bereason of low volumes, couponing, sampling, and better trade allowances to achieve circulation. For example, the cost for a typical two-city test industry in 1975 was $250,000. Four tests were forced to test 2 levels of ad weight. This expected a industry testing price of $500,000.

But tright here are additionally indirect expenses. Tbelow is, for instance, the expense of revealing a new product principle to a competitor. If he is much better arranged for brand-new product introductions, he deserve to beat you to the market. It is hard to estimate the price of being second in the market, however marketing endure shows that it implies a lower market share and higher promotional expenses.

Another instraight price is that of exposure. “If you are promoting a family brand, you are exposing the name of your firm and the brand,” Clay-camp reminds.

“If you gain a reputation for battle, you might have actually trouble gaining circulation the following time, or in enlisting the enthusiasm of the sales pressure,” observes Kuehn. It is impossible to estimate these exposure costs.

Diversion of employee time and also tasks is an interior, out-of-pocket cost that is rarely quantified when the cost of test markets is approximated. “The inner prices for test marketing are tremendous. They divert management attention and also manpower from various other tasks,” McMennamin advises.

Adds Newman, “Sales administration objects to too many test sectors because they take ameans from sales tasks.”

These high direct and instraight costs of test marketing carry out a solid inspiration for postponing the decision to test sector till the marketing executive feels confident he has the 3 fundamental elements of the ideal product advancement plan secure: a successful product, a competitive marketing strategy, and a premium interaction plan. Many researchers feel that test marketing have to be the last check before rolling the product out right into nationwide circulation. “I would say the batting average need to be somewbelow in between 65% and also 75%,” Pearboy calculates.

Light maintains that “once you go into test market, you’ve made the decision to go. The test market have the right to of course alter your plans by providing you a no-go. But in the lack of negative outcomes, you continue.”

The climbing expenses of test markets have actually led researchers to usage less expensive approaches to kill a product or declaring campaign early on in the procedure of new product breakthrough. “You certainly don’t desire to use a test industry to learn something that you might have actually learned earlier—test marketing is a lot as well expensive,” Longmale insists.

Implicit in the comments of our marketing executives is a well-articulated brand-new product advance process. It is to this procedure that the executives tacitly appeal when they make their judgments on the expenses of test marketing.

A conceptualization of this process appears in the exhibit, “An Idealized Process For New Product Growth.” Here we have the right to watch how a product and also a communication plan must be polished prior to test marketing.


Exhibit An Idealized Process For New Product Advancement


When Should You Conduct a Test Market?

The initially step in the brand-new product sequence is an identification of opportunities—requirements not being met adequately by assets that are currently easily accessible. This phase of research study frequently offers qualitative methods borrowed from social psychology. One technique frequently provided is the focus-group or group-depth intersee. This is a two-hour conversation in which 8 to 12 persons are asked to define their experiences with present assets or to recount exactly how they manage specific difficulties.

For example, a pharmaceutical company may ask a group of young mothers just how they treat a child’s cold. Mothers’ perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of accessible assets will concerned light in the time of these discussions. Such interviews administer principles for brand-new commodities or for expansion of existing assets. These principles are actually hypotheses that deserve to then be tested through even more quantitative approaches such as the survey.

Elimicountry of all yet a couple of of the principles is naturally a subjective process. It may be based upon the suffer of marketing executives, the national politics of the firm, or the executives’ meaning of their service and its capacity. (Capacity have to be identified to include not only manufacturing and financial capabilities, however likewise executives’ capability to operate in the sector of the proposed product.)

The number of product principles finally chosen counts on the resources of the agency and also its strategy for brand-new products. Given restricted resources, should a company pick only one or 2 principles and also spfinish most of its sources on emerging interaction plans, or should it retain four or five product principles and also test just a couple of communication plans for each one? The answer to this question must reflect the history and staminas of the organization. If most of its sources are in product R&D, it will most likely experiment more with principles than if its strength is in marketing and also interactions.

The next step in our appropriate new product breakthrough is creating a preliminary profit arrangement that estimates the length of the payout. Based mainly on estimates by experienced marketing executives, this profit setup deserve to eliminate product candidates that perform not reach the minimum payout period collection by monitoring.

(Each stage in the exhilittle bit replaces management approximates through information, thereby reducing the selection of uncertainty in estimating the profit plan.)

The facility section of the exhilittle bit has 3 columns—product advancement, strategy breakthrough, and interaction advance. These columns emphasize a very necessary point: the measures included in them are taken at the same time, not serially. Advertising advance, for example, does not wait till a product is sleek prior to founding its work-related, but starts immediately on the trouble of communicating the principle reflected in the item.

Anticipated availability of a product in part determines the approaches for its testing. For instance, a minimum of facilities may be required to develop actual commodities for testing a product extension such as the enhancement of a lemon flavor to an existing brand also. In contrast, a brand-new house entertainment center requires a whole new manufacturing facility. In this last case, the idea is pretested in the initially phase of product experimentation and also the product in the second phase. (See the exhilittle.) At the conclusion of these principle and product tests, the profit setup have the right to then be revised to take right into account indevelopment derived from the study. These new information imply levels of production prices and therefore of product acceptcapacity. If a proposed product meets the minimum payout duration, it can then go right into extended product usage tests.

Marketing strategy calls for establishing purposes, pricing methods, and circulation strategies for a new product. Rough approximates of price ranges might be part of product testing. If your company plans to usage its present channels of circulation, the channel strategy may be that of determining how to gain your channel to accept the new product. If the strategy contains the breakthrough of a new channel—such as was compelled by the successful Hanes strategy of distributing “L’eggs” hosiery with supermarkets—considerable work may be needed to estimate the expenses of such a tactic.

Communication strategy consists of the development of the package, the copy design template for advertisements, and the selection of the desired media mix. It is necessary to note that the interaction plan feeds into the breakthrough of the marketing mix plans for strategy development. The approximated cost of the interaction arrangement is input for the final estimated profit arrangement. The setup is then submitted to management for approval in order to continue to the test industry stage.

When, then, must a test market be done? The endure of our experts says strongly that, as Saint claims, “You go into test market under the assumption that you have a successful product.”

What Can You Learn?

But when product and interactions study have actually already told you that you have a effective product and interaction arrangement, why must you go to the cost of test marketing, including to the expenses of delayed profits from a effective item?

Our survey indicates that the main function of a test market is to provide, as Newmale puts it, a “excellent dress rehearsal for experimentation all of the product facets together, not individually.” Before the test industry, the product and the interaction setup have been tested individually. The test industry combines both these aspects. In addition, it tests the aspects of the setup and their combicountries in the genuine people. It is, Posner states, a “microcosm of what you will certainly be doing and also what will certainly occur nationally.”

A real-civilization test of the marketing setup will administer estimates of marketing plan performance, suggestions for improving the plan’s productivity, and also a disaster examine.

Productivity of the marketing setup

The test market provides actions of consumers’ responses to those facets that have been pretested—the product, the price, and also the communication plan. It additionally measures the trade’s acceptance of the product, the strategy, and also the communication setup. (In a lot of cases, the agency deserve to count on its endure with the trade to estimate future acceptance.)

Consumer response

By measuring levels of consumer awareness, product trial, repeat purchase, industry share, and sales volume, the test sector provides some indication of the efficiency of the aspects of the marketing arrangement. These measures are the basis for making the “go/no-go” decision. Such a decision deserve to be made on the basis of rule-of-thumb—for instance, drop the product if the trial price is less than 60%. The decision is then a financial one, the data from the test sectors having actually been inputs into the profit arrangement.

Test sectors administer better approximates of customer response than any kind of preexperimentation. But, as Claycamp emphasizes, “About all you have the right to intend from a test market is the answers to the questions that you are asking of it. In other words, one hregarding be incredibly certain about what one desires from a test industry. For this reason, they really are designed only for go/no-go decisions.”

Pearkid agrees: “Test marketing can tell you if you have a loser, a medium success, or a huge success. It cannot fine-tune a payout plan in between a two share and also a 3 share.”

However, Ossip asserts that “we uncover test markets beneficial in informing us whether we will make our minimum.”

Lavidge sees two reasons for a test market: “One factor to test sector is to decide how much of the product is likely to sell so that you can decide whether to go national. The other reason to test market is to identify just how to sector the product.”

Trade response

“How to market” consists of the question of profession acceptance—which, in many kind of situations, has not been tested in the procedure of brand-new product breakthrough. Saint describes the problem: “Suppose Chesebunstable came out with an entirely new product in an unacquainted product category. The Chesebrough sales pressure and Chesebunstable as a company have developed a fine reputation in the wellness and beauty-help area. But in this case you would be taking the Chesebunstable salesguy and also putting him in a new buyer’s office. The soap buyer wouldn’t know the salesguy. So you would desire to check out the capacity of your sales force to offer an unacquainted product to unfamiliar buyers.” Hence acceptance of a new product is considerably dependent on endure and a successful track document.

Experience in the product category enables the researcher to make dependable estimates of profession acceptance. “If you don’t know what sort of circulation your sales pressure is capable of acquiring, either you don’t know a lot about your sales civilization or else they are extremely unreliable,” Pearson conoften tends.

Experienced researchers estimate that the effect of the additional focus offered by the sales pressure in the test industry gains a 15% to 17% higher sales level than would be achieved after having gone national through the product. Eggert affirms this: “In a test, you acquire even more focus, given that the sales manager visits the place two or 3 times. And simply the sheer truth that he visits adds motivation to a product.”

Being initially through a brand-new product is incredibly important in the grocery-product category, wbelow restricted shelf room in a keep constrains circulation. When Gillette successfully introduced “The Dry Look,” a hair spray for guys, numerous various other providers tried to cash in on the success by introducing hair sprays of their own. Since hair sprays came in much bigger containers than many hair preparations for guys, even more shelf area was compelled to stock the same variety of competing brands. And bereason retailers tfinish to devote a fixed amount of shelf area to a particular product category, many of the carriers via me-too products had actually difficulty gaining trade acceptance for replicated items.

When measuring trade acceptance is not a trouble (as is regularly the case), a marketer might use a managed store test, which significantly reduces the time compelled to run a test sector.

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A successful test market deserve to improve the sales force’s capability to attain circulation throughout nationwide development. A resounding success in, say, Albany kind of is often useful to the salesguy seeking profession acceptance in St. Louis. The salesman is equipped via genuine industry results, not in-home test outcomes or the outcomes of a survey. The just question is whether the outcomes in Albany kind of are applicable to the situation in St. Louis.

How to improve marketing performance

As we discussed earlier, you have to run a test industry just after substantial pretesting has presented that your brand-new product will certainly be a winner. And also though it is valuable to obtain better approximates of customer and also profession acceptance, some marketers design their test sectors to administer these much better estimates and to administer indevelopment that will permit them to boost the performance of the plan. As Schucker states, “Before test marketing, you are persuaded at least that the service is tright here. So the question becomes one of just how high you have the right to go, how much leverage through your marketing variables you can apply to the organization to make it bigger.”

And von Gonten agrees: “I don’t desire to go to test industry with anything that I don’t understand will be a success. And I will usage the test market to derive a way to make my product an also bigger success.”

To use the test sector to improve the performance of the marketing arrangement requires a research study style that tests variations in the plan. “Tbelow is more to be learned from test marketing than an estimate of trial and repeat. Tbelow are the results of sampling to be learned. Tbelow are likewise the impacts of differing levels of promotion to be learned,” Newmale defines.

We conducted an informal survey of 25 marketing study executives attending a seminar on test marketing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to learn how they recommend utilizing test markets. These are the results: