Best studio in Vegas! Clean and also expert .. I began here and I’ve grown so much as a dancer because of the amazing staff and owner. This is my second home I started in 2011 and still come to this studio for class and auditions. I LOVE THE ROCK CENTER FOR DANCE

Client 1

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After a week in NYC my husband asked, would I fairly spend a week in NYC taking classes or Las Vegas at the Rock Center for Dance- I chose the Rock Center for Dance….can’t wait to come earlier for more.

Client 2

The ROCK Center for Dance is truly an amazing studio. I love this location and also recommfinish it to anyone that is trying to find a location to call tright here dance home:). Thank you Quinn Callahan for producing so much joy to dancers, and also performers through all the tough work-related you carry out at the ROCK Center for Dance

Client 3

GREAT teachers, friendly supportive staff, clean studio, and FUN FUN FUN!!! I started dancing once I was 2 years old, have trained in NY, LA, LV, and also, once again dropped in love through Las Vegas choreographers. The Rock ROCKS!

Client 4

All I’m going to say is come visit The Rock Center for Dance yourself and also you will certainly see why the dancers are so impressive.

Client 5

All 4 of my youngsters have actually taken classes at The Rock Center for Dance for years. The Rock Center for Dance is without a doubt among the finest dance education centers in the country. They have passionate teachers. I would absolutely recommend The Rock Center for Dance to anyone in search of a location to sign-up their children for a dance class!

– Marco

I love taking dance classes at The Rock Center for Dance. I’m 50 years old, and also never before have actually taken a dance class in my life, so I felt a small nervous. Turns out it is an extremely positive setting and I always feel comfortable there. At Rock Center for Dance the instructors are fantastic, and also exceptionally experienced. The front desk rocks too!!!

– Marco

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Excellent! We have finally uncovered the studio that gives the high level of training and professionalism we have actually been seeking. 2nd to none.

-John Smith

What an excellent first tap course, I can’t wait to go back again! Ken Bell is such an excellent man, good teacher and also so talented. I learned even more in one hour than 7 months at one more studio. Had a blast, I’m hooked!!