Has currently been incurred and cannot be avoided so it is irpertinent for decision making.

Points Received:1 of 1Comments:2.Concern :Current indevelopment for the Austin Company type of follows:All raw products provided were traceable to specific batches of product. Austin Company’s expense of items produced for the year is:Student Answer: $125,800.$128,600.$131,400.$137,000.$139,000.Points Received:1 of 1Comments:3.Inquiry :The salary paid to the supervisor of an assembly line would normally be classified as:Student Answer: Direct labor.Indirect labor.A period price.A general price.An assembly cost.Points Received:1 of 1Comments:4.Question :Goods a firm acquires to usage in making assets are called:Student Answer: Cost of products offered.Raw products inventory.Finished items inventory.Goods in procedure inventory.Conversion costs.Points Received:1 of 1Comments:5.Question :Which of the complying with prices would not be classified as factory overhead?Student Answer: Property taxes on maintenance machinery.Expired insurance on manufacturing facility tools.Wages of the factory janitor.Metal doorknobs supplied on hardwood cabinets produced.Small tools offered in manufacturing.Points Received:1 of 1Comments:6.Concern :Which of the adhering to are characteristic of all fraud?Student Answer: It is done to administer direct or instraight advantage to the employee.It violates the employee’s duties to his employer.It prices the employer money.It is secret.Items A with D are all characteristics of fraud.Points Received:1 of 1Comments:7.Concern :Products that are in the process of being manufactured yet are not yet finish are called:Student Answer: Raw products inventory.Convariation expenses.Cost of products marketed.Goods in process inventory.Finiburned goods inventory.Points Received:1 of 1Comments:8.Concern :Total production prices incurred in the time of the year do not include:Student Answer: Direct materials provided.Factory provides used.Goods in procedure inventory, beginning balance.Direct labor.Depreciation of machinery.Points Received:1 of 1Comments:9.Question :An mindset of constantly seeking means to boost company operations, consisting of customer organization, product top quality, product attributes, the production procedure, and also employee interactions, is called:Student Answer: Continuous development.Customer orientation.Just-in-time.Theory of constraints.Total quality measurement.Points Received:1 of 1Comments:10.Inquiry :A straight costs is a expense that is:Student Answer: Identifiable as controllable.Variable with respect to the volume of task.Fixed via respect to the volume of task.Traceable to a cost object.Sunk via respect to a cost object.Points Received:1 of 1Comments:

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