Two or tthree paragraphsRead the “The Secret Power of Things We Hold Dear” (2007) by Sherry Turkle (search for this digital or in the EBSCO database).Read Writing Elements: A Fast Guide to Grammar and Usage (2012) by Goss and also Goss (find this in this week’s readings or in the Course Reresources folder located under the Lessons tab).Read and respond to each of the following composing prompts. Submit them as a solitary document.Descriptive WritingIn her 2007 short article “The Secret Power of Things We Hold Dear ” Sherry Turkle discusses the prestige of objects on a personal level. She describes her weekends spent at her grandparents’ apartment in Brooklyn looking with the items that her grandparents saved and utilizing the indevelopment she gleaned from these items gains a deeper knowledge of her mommy and also her aunt. In her write-up Turkle explains that the items that she looked at aget and also aacquire “had actually a high emotional intensity” because they made her think around the father she never before met (Turkle 2007 para. 6).For this creating assignment choose one item from your own life that you consider personally substantial. Write a one-paragraph (5 to salso sentences) physical description of this object utilizing particular details so that the reader can imagine what the object looks prefer (remember to usage sensory images–how did it taste feel sound look smell?).

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