This tradition webwebsite comes to the timeless variation of The Secret World. We have actually made a brand brand-new webwebsite for Secret World Legends, the reintroduced game!

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Solo Build
Scenario Build
Rassist Build
Dungeon Tank Build
Dungeon DPS Build
Dungeon Healer Build
PvP Tank Build
PvP DPS Build
PvP Healer Build Ability Points expense Gear Quality Level

Upday 15.5 introduced expensive meta-transforming changes to many kind of abilities. We are in the procedure of updating all the builds. Most of them still function decently, however may not be optimal anyeven more.
Basic Blade Weapon CombinationsDetails60QL 1 Blade Multiple60QL 1
Basic Blood Weapon CombinationsDetails61QL 1 Blood Magic Multiple61QL 1
Basic Chaos Weapon CombinationsDetails70QL 1 Chaos Magic Multiple70QL 1
Basic Elepsychological Weapon CombinationsDetails54QL 1 Elementalism Multiple54QL 1
Basic Fist Weapon CombinationsDetails75QL 1 Fists Multiple75QL 1
Basic Hammer Weapon CombinationsDetails63QL 1 Hammer Multiple63QL 1
Basic Pistol Weapon CombinationsDetails56QL 1 Pistols Multiple56QL 1
Basic Rifle Weapon CombinationsDetails61QL 1 Assault Rifle Multiple61QL 1
Basic Shotgun Weapon CombinationsDetails56QL 1 Shotgun Multiple56QL 1
Beginner Build – Block SynergyDetails95QL 1 Hammer Blade95QL 1
Beginner Build – Critical Chance SynergyDetails131QL 1 Pistols Assault Rifle131QL 1
Beginner Build – Elementalism/PistolDetails65QL 1 Elementalism Pistols65QL 1
Beginner Build – Modern SamuraiDetails189QL 1 Blade Assault Rifle189QL 1
Beginner Build – Hinder SynergyDetails141QL 1 Chaos Magic Elementalism141QL 1
Blade/Chaos – Solo QL 1 – 8 BuildDetails136QL 1 Blade Chaos Magic136QL 1
Chaos/Shotgun – On A Pale Horse (50 AP build)Details49QL 1 Chaos Magic Shotgun49QL 1

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