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Term What scientist develeloped atomic theory in the early on 1800s?
Definition John Dalton
Term How does the power of an electron adjust once it moves closer to the nucleus?
Definition Energy decreases.

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Term The pricipal quantum number indicated what property of an electron?
Definition Energy level.
Term How many kind of energy sublevels are in the second primary energy level?
Definition 2.
Term What is the max number of electrons in the second principal power level?
Definition 8. (4 orbitals*2 power sublevels=8)
Term In Rutherford"s version of an atom, wright here are the electrons and prolots located?
Definition Moving throughout the atom.
Term In the Bohr design of the atom, an electron in orlittle bit has actually a resolved _____ ?
Definition Energy.
Term What did Rutherford"s experiment demonstrate?
Definition That many of an atom"s mass in concentrated in a relatively tiny percent of the atom"s whole volume.
Term What is the probability of finding an electron within the region shown by the drawn electron cloud?
Definition 90%
Term The SHAPE of an electron cloud is identified by the electron"s ____?
Definition Energy sublevel.
Term Formula 2n squared represents ____?
Definition The max number of electrons that deserve to be in an energy level.
Term The letter P in 4p cubed suggests _________?
Definition Orbital form.
Term If 2 electrons occupy 2 p orbitals, what is the directions of the spins of these 2 electrons?
Definition Both clockwise or both counterclockwise.
Term Unpaired electrons in Sulfur?
Definition 2.
Term What orbital is filled when iodine gas gains an electron to end up being a negative ion?
Definition 4d
Term What is true aboutthe electron configurations of the noble gases?
Definition The outerthe majority of s and p sublevels are partially filled.
Term Representative facets are in what group?
Definition All group A elements.
Term Each period number in the periodic table corresponds to ______?
Definition Principle power levels.
Term The category of elements that is characterized by the filling of the f orbitals is the _____?
Definition Alkaline earth metals.
Term Ni, Fe and also Zn all belengthy to what team of elements?
Definition Representative facets.
Term How does atomic radius readjust dvery own a team in the periodic table?
Definition First rises, then decreases.
Term Why is the radius of an adverse ion always higher than the radius of it"s neutral atom?
Definition Since the variety of primary energy levels is always reduced.
Term What contributes to the reasonably better atomic dimension of the higher-atomic-number aspects within a particular household of the regular table?
Definition more shielding of the outer electrons by the inner electrons
Term How to calculate which facet has actually the leastern atomic radius?
Definition Atomic radius- the reduced the duration, the higher the atomic radius. (the higher period has actually the least atomic radius)
Term What electron configurations are especially stable?
Definition A filled power level.
Term What element contributes to lower ionization energy of the higher-atomic-number facets in a family members in the regular table?
Definition Greater distance from the nucleus.

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Term What does ionization do?
Definition Grabs electrons.