The plot of the story “The Storm” by Kate Chopin is a standard day-to-day plot. The story would not be so interesting if it weren’t for the last line of the story; “So the storm passed and everyone was happy. ” What did she mean by the closing line? My interpretation of the story is that she meant the rocky component of both Calixta and also Alcee’s mariage had actually passed along with the storm. Both Alcee and Calixta cheated on their spousage, but, they both kbrand-new that when the stor was over they would certainly go back to faithfulness through their mates.Alcee obviously felt regretful, as suggested when the writer writes; “It was a loving letter complete of tender solicitude. ” He then went on to say “although he missed them, he was willing to bear the separation a while longer-realizing that their health and wellness and pleasure were the initially points to be thought about. ” These quotes were taken from the letter Alcee had composed to his wife. The storm had passed and it looked as if everyone in Alcee’s case was going to be happy.As for Calixta, she was incredibly happy to check out her boy and husband erotate residence safely, as shown in the story; “She had actually clasped Bibi and also was kissing him effusively. ” Calixta then went on to Bobinot and “Felt him to watch if he was dry, and seemed to expush nopoint but satisfactivity at their safe rerevolve. ” Calixta had likewise sustained the storm of her marital relationship and everyone appeared to be happy too. Alcee and also Calixta both appeared to realize they were blessed through loving sposupplies. In their moment of passion they did not realize exactly how lucky they both were.I feel they both concerned grips through the reality that hat happened in between them was an act of lust and there were no feelings affiliated. The moment was extremely aroutilizing to each of them however when the storm was over so was the act of lust and betrayal. My opinion is, this act was going to help both Alcee’s and also Calixta’s marital relationship fairly than hurt it, as long as their particular spoprovides perform not discover out what happened throughout the storm. I bring this up because both guilty parties involved seemed to come amethod fromthe occurrence loving their sposupplies even more and also realizing that their choice of that to arry was the appropriate choice to make.Each xpressed concern for their spooffers well being and also the actions they took throughout the storm didn’t even cross their minds as the storm passed. Sometimes world require a “storm” to take place in their stays to assist them realize how great they have actually it. Alcee and also Calixta came amethod from the storm realizing that they had actually each discovered the love of their resides and it wasn’t each other. Neither wanted to loose their love, “So the storm passed and also everyone was happy. “
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