1. Caleb attfinished a private high institution, which offered each student access to a personal laptop and also iPhone. Ted attfinished a poorly funded public college, which had few computers and also outdated innovation. When Caleb gets to college, he"s more ready than Ted for courseoccupational which consists of computer and virtual product. This incident is an example of: a. Computer lag b. Digital divide c. Technological pausage d. New media
2. E-readiness deserve to be characterized as: a. the ability to type via, translate, and procedure digital expertise. b. the application of scientific research to settle difficulties in daily life. c. the virtual endure offered by leading educational organizations. d. the electronic waste developed by consumers.

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3. Which of the adhering to is an instance of planned obsolescence? a. Evangeline refsupplies to purchase a Droid or an iPhone bereason her Razor phone has actually been in perfect form for the previous 6 years. b. Target offers a "buy 2, acquire one free" sale on Blue Ray discs. c. Sarah"s iPod breaks simply as the newest iPod Nano is being presented. d. Jerome spills coffee on his MacBook, and also it ruins the keyboard.
4. After the floppy disk was presented, zip drives were invented soon after, adhered to conveniently by flash drives. This is an instance of: a. Digital divide b. Deauthorize patent c. Stolen technology d. Evolutionary version of technological change
5. Last week, a significant politician was captured in a political scandal. The story was featured on the front web page of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN.com, and was the lead story on NBC, ABC, and also CBS nightly news. This is described as: a. Homogenization b. Teleinteraction c. Fragmentation d. Illiteration
6. The term technological diffusion is defined as: a. The spreview of technology across borders. b. The worldwide absence of access to online media. c. A form of continuous surveillance in which the monitoring write-ups are decentralized and also the oboffered is never connected with straight. d. The breakdown of interaction between technical innovators and also the general public.
7. Which sociological perspective sees technology and media as a tool people usage to express just how a lot wealth they have? a. Functionalist b. Cyberfeminist c. Symbolic Interactionist d. Conflict
8. How has actually declaring revenue significantly readjusted in the previous few years? a. Newspaper heralding revenue has actually considerably increased, while digital proclaiming revenue has fallen. b. Cable and online revenue have actually stayed considerably unreadjusted, while newspaper and also magazine advertising revenue have fallen substantially. c. Magazine revenue has increased steadily, while online and newspaper revenue have actually fallen significantly. d. Online heralding revenue has fallen slightly, while newspaper advertising revenue has actually raised considerably.
Cable and also online revenue have stayed gravely unadjusted, while newspaper and also magazine heralding revenue have actually fallen greatly
9. Which of the complying with is NOT an example of new media? a. Barnes and Noble b. Twitter c. Facebook d. The Kindle
10. The term media globalization can be identified as: a. The cross-cultural breakthrough and also exchange of computer hardware. b. The governmental sanction permitting worldwide accessibility to media education and learning. c. The inability of geographically rural locations to access new media. d. The international integration of media via the cross-cultural exchange of ideas.
11. Susan has the newest iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. When a brand-new Apple product is released, Susan stands in line for hours to be the first to buy it. Susan is a(n): a. Republihave the right to b. Technophile c. PC perkid d. Neo-Luddite
12. Before the dawn of social media, effective TV netfunctions and widely circulated newsfiles had excellent influence over the news stories that were reported to the public. This is described as: a. Social manage b. The excellent divide c. Gatemaintaining d. Discriminatory journalism
13. Which thinker would be many interested in who controls the media, and also the means in which the leading race and also class minimizes the media existence of the lower classes and also other races? a. A conflict thinker b. A symbolic interactionist c. A cyberfeminist d. A functionalist
14. What is a negative danger of media globalization? a. Social media spreading awareness around social causes. b. Accessible technology being made available to remote societies. c. The spcheck out of computer proficiency. d. Governments censoring indevelopment for their benefit.

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15. The term panoptic monitoring is defined in the message as: a. A form of consistent surveillance in which the observation posts are decentral and also the observed is never before communicated via directly b. A netjob-related of neighborhood spies who go with local mailboxes and also listen in on phone lines c. When civilization are also overwhelmed through media input to really care about the problem, so their involvement becomes defined by awareness rather of by action about the issue at hand also d. An online invasion of spyware which track as soon as controversial political beliefs are being expressed
A develop of continuous surveillance in which the observation write-ups are decentral and the oboffered is never before connected via directly
16. Tykid visits China over spring break, and after gaining virtual to compose home to her parental fees, she realizes some of her favorite social media sites are blocked by the Chinese government. She becomes concerned through exactly how innovation reinpressures ineattributes among areas, both within and also among nations. What sociological perspective finest fits Tyson"s concerns? a. Functionalist b. Cyberfeminist c. Symbolic Interactionist d. Conflict
17. In 1983, 50 corporations owned the majority of mass-media outlets. Today, the majority of mass-media outallows are owned by just how many corporations? a. 65 b. 27 c. 6 d. 2
18. This is a product of ___. a. Cyberfeminism b. Media globalization c. Technological imbalance d. Corporate isolation
19. From the functionalist perspective, which of the adhering to is a duty of social media? a. Life transforming function b. Social norm attribute c. Entertainment function d. All of the above
20. The term cyberfeminism is defined by the text as: a. The application to and also promotion of feminism digital. b. The removal of feminist social activism from the physical world to the online human being. c. The threat of sexism overtaking internet message boards. d. The growing number of young girls who are coming to be addicted to World of Warcraft.

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