A current report on the November 2009 U.S. profession deficit discovered that increasing oil imports widened our deficit, raising the gap in between our imports and exports. This is but one instance that our economic recoincredibly and long-term expansion is inexorably attached to our reliance on international oil. The United States is spending around $1 billion a day overseas on oil instead of investing the funds at home, wright here our economy sodepend needs it. Burning oil that exacerbates global warming also poses major dangers to our national security and the world’s defense. For these reasons we must kick the oil addiction by investing in clean-power reform to reduce oil demand, while taking steps to curb international warming.

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In 2008 the USA imported oil from 10 countries currently on the State Department’s Travel Warning List, which lists nations that have “irreversible, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unsecure.” These countries encompass Algeria, Chad actually, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and also Syria. Our reliance on oil from these countries could have serious ramifications for our nationwide protection, economic climate, and environment.


Oil providers are also the major resource of capital for API’s front group, Energy Citizens, which makes false clintends that climate readjust legislation will be a national energy taxes and task killer. In fact, passing clean-power and also air pollution reduction regulation will certainly be affordable and also also save consumers money while creating a net of 1.7 million tasks.

Clean energy have the right to help lug the economic situation ago to life

The United States has an opportunity appropriate currently to reduce its dependence on foreign oil by adopting clean-power and also worldwide warming pollution reduction policies that would certainly spur financial recoincredibly and also permanent sustainable growth. With a struggling economic situation and also document joblessness, we need that money invested right here to improve our financial competitiveness. Instead of sfinishing money abroad for oil, investing in clean-power technology development would rise development and also create work.

Reducing oil imports via clean-power reform would certainly mitigate money sent abroad for oil, store even more money at residence for investments, and also reduced international warming contamination. A Center for Amerihave the right to Progress evaluation shows that the clean-energy provisions in the Amerihave the right to Recoexceptionally and Reinvestment Act and also ACES unified would geneprice roughly $150 billion per year in brand-new clean-energy investments over the following decade. This government-induced spending will come mainly from the personal sector, and the investments would create work and assist reduce oil dependence.

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And by producing the problems for a solid financial recovery, such as producing more finance for power retrofits and energy-saving projects and also establishing loans for production low-carbon commodities, we can provide the United States the advantage in the clean-power race. Investing in a clean-power economic climate is the clear path toward re-developing our financial stcapability and also strengthening our national security.

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Rebecca Lefton is a Researcher for Progressive Media and also Daniel J. Weiss is a Senior Other and also Director Climate Strategy at the Center for Amerideserve to Progress.