The six traits of writing version provides a recipe for successful pclimbed composing. This method specifies the ingredients of effective writing for students to practice and teachers to assess, equipping both parties with devices for strategically analyzing created occupational.

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Students deserve to end up being self-adequate and also organized writers when they learn to build the following characteristics in their composing. To take advantage of this revolutionary model, learn what the six traits are and also exactly how to teach them.

What are the Six Traits of Writing?

The 6 vital features that define high-top quality creating are:

Please note that while this strategy is frequently dubbed the 6 + 1 Trait Model, the plus one "presentation" trait is greatly optional as it is a characteristic of the in its entirety product and not the composing itself. This trait will not be defined further below.


This creating component captures the major concept of a piece through detail. Only details that are pertinent and also informative of the primary topic must be had. Strong authors have an awareness of just how to usage just the ideal amount of information, making use of principles that make the as a whole message more clear and leaving anypoint out that takes away from it.

How to Teach:

Do an exercise via students where you tell a story utilizing no information while they cshed their eyes. Could they picture it? Ask them just how to boost your story and also present the concept that principles need to be sustained to be efficient.Ask students to define what is happening in a photograph. Have them do this in partnerships where only one partner can watch the photo at a time and the other should convey the message of the photo in front of them.Have students write a paragraph packed via as much supporting information as feasible. Tell them to select a specific (true) occasion that taken place to them and also use their senses to describe it.


This trait explains how all ideas in a piece of composing need to fit together within a larger message. The organizational structure of a created work demands to follow a clear pattern such as chronological order for narratives or logical order for informational creating. The writer demands to make solid connections from one allude to an additional so that a reader have the right to quickly follow along. A feeling of sequence is crucial for arranging.

How to Teach

Take a piece of composing and cut it into chunks, having students item the composing earlier together as ideal as they have the right to.Jumble a list of directions and also have actually students arselection the steps in order.Read two short informational publications whose company frameworks differ. Ask your students what is different about the company of the publications.


This trait explains the unique style of each writer. Through voice, a writer"s personality permeates a item but does not detract from the genre or message. Strong writers are not afrassist to express their individuality and present readers their point of see. Good composing sounds choose its authors.

How to Teach

Discuss the personality traits of a couple of children"s book authors, then read a selection of literature and have actually students attempt to recognize the author by voice.Compare and comparison the voice in select fiction and nonfiction books.Have students create a letter to a grandparent about their favorite school subject. When they are finimelted, talk about exactly how they grew their voice in the letter and whether they feel that their thoughts and also eactivities came through.

Word Choice

Word option describes the effectiveness of each word in a piece of creating. Strong words enlighten readers and clarify principles however as well many type of large or misput words deserve to muddle the message. Great composing is never before verbose. Writers must be economical through their words and also choose only the ideal ones bereason every word is important. Linguistic awareness and a durable vocabulary are crucial for effective composing.

How to Teach

Keep a word wall, adding to and pointing out it typically.Show students a paragraph through words missing. Offer choices for words to put in the blanks and also explain why some of them are better than others.Introduce students to thesauroffers. Teach that a well-rounded vocabulary is beneficial but caution versus overdoing it by having them first replace as many words as they deserve to in a paragraph and then just words that make sense to relocation.

Sentence Fluency

This trait defines the smoothness that sentences contribute to a piece. Fluent creating is rhythmic and forward-moving because its sentences are simple to review. Even even more vital to sentence fluency that correctness and also grammar are definition and variety. The best writers make sure that each of their sentences claims exactly what it is expected to say and also differ their sentence structures so that they do not all resemble each other.

How to Teach

Write a story where eincredibly single sentence starts and ends in the precise very same means. Talk with your course about why this is problematic and have actually them assist add range to the sentence structures.Rearrange the sentences in a renowned piece of composing. Have the students deal with it and talk about why it matters that sentences circulation quickly right into each various other.Have students take a sentence in a piece of informational composing and also flip the words about. Does it make more or less sense? Is their means better or worse?


This trait focuses on the correctness of a item in regards to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other rules. Writing deserve to only be great if it is technically correct. Great writers are experienced punctuators, capable spellers, and also grammar savants. Conventions call for time and also patience to master however are straightforward to exercise.

How to Teach

Give your students a word to properly work right into a sentence. Begin via easy sentence parts such as subjects and verbs and also increasingly acquire more hard with adverbs, adjectives, and more.Teach students to peer review each other"s work-related for correctness. They perform not need to correct eexceptionally tiny information. Rather, emphasis on one ability at a time (punctuation, capitalization, and so on.).Usecurriculum materials such as handouts and also mini-lessonsto teach conventions.

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