From arising Israeli directors, brothers Yoav and also Doron Paz comes an acdeclared award-winning film JeruZalem, winner of the Audience Award and also Best Editing at the current 32nd Jerusalem International Film Festival.

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“JeruZalem” adheres to 2 Amerideserve to girls on vacation that satisfy an attractive student researching anthropology during their expedition to Jerusalem. A trip planned to be their best vacation ever, the girls, Sarah (Danielle Jadelyn) and Rachel (Yael Grobglas, Israel’s budding scream queen) carry out the rounds of the tour via newuncovered frifinish Kevin in tow and also partying difficult in Jerusalem’s ancient sites. The trio suddenly discover themselves in the middle of a spiritual dispute followed by a collection of horrifying biblical apocalypse.

Inspired by a line from the Talmud that claims “Tright here are three gateways to hell: one in the desert, one in the sea and also one in Jerusalem,” the movie unleashes a chain of demonic events that carried about terror as the three attempt to escape in between primitive wall surfaces of the holy city.

“We wanted to give the audience a chance to feel and also endure this dark, mystical and also spiritual city with the eyes of our personalities. To see up close what the resurrection may actually look prefer, in the the majority of reasonable area on earth to begin the apocalypse,” claims Yoav and also Doron on presenting the film.

The Paz Bros. are the sons of Israeli filmmaker Jonathan Paz (“Waiting for Surkin”) and prospered up in Netanya. Their filmmaking careers started once they were approximately 10 or 11 years old. Filmed in uncovered footage style through a smart digital glass, “Jeruzalem” provides the audience a affluent information of the city’s culture and history as check out from the Holy bible.

“We view it even more of a POV (point of view) instead of uncovered footage, we wanted it so all the various other actors are talking to the electronic camera, and as soon as she crawls in the dark human being the audience watch just how it feels to crawl in the dark. Like a kind of online reality. But we didn’t recognize what to do about it. Then a couple of years ago everyone began talking around Google glass through verbal technologly and this provided us our home window. This additionally provided us one more layer, a technological layer, wright here we can present even more information. You don’t see it in the trailer, however the entire film is with a smart glass – not Google. So there’s verbal modern technology and augmented truth. This means we can use social media in it too as another create of storyinforming. It’s the earliest story via brand-new technology. We don’t like to contact it discovered footage bereason, while it’s obviously a discovered footage strategy, we think this takes it to the following level,” shares Yoav and also Doron of their filmmaking style.

Yoav and Doron Paz initially got acclaim with their artresidence film “Phobidilia,” an main selection at TIFF and the Berlin International Film Festival. Their latest film, “Jeruzalem” marks a radical new turn as they submerge themselves full-on right into hyper-visceral horror storyinforming.

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“For years we thought to ourselves ‘just how come nobody did an apocalypse movie about Jerusalem’ , when it’s the perfect erected for it. You’ve seen movies around the apocalypse in cities all around the world: Bostin, then you have actually REC – all over, however nobody’s been managing Jerusalem itself. Though the bible, and also its scriptures are collection tbelow, so that’s where we took it,” even more shares Yoav on the idea of the movie.


“JeruZalem” opens in theatres nationwide on January 20 from Pioneer Films. Check out the film’s trailer here: