I normally obtain this right, but for some reason this specific phrase is giving me headaches. The phrase in question is:

"Not that there were an abundance of sticks or building supplies"

Ordinarily, as the sticks/structure offers are plural I"d assume were; however, as I consider "an abundance" to be a singular object encompassing multiple various other objects, it gives me pausage. Should it be "was a wealth of sticks or building supplies"?

Which is more correct?

Edit: my English teacher uncle just called, quite fortuitously, and advised that I was correct in my original assertion that it should be was an abundance. He additionally reminded me that "a multitude" adheres to the same rules (which I knew, and had actually entirely forgotten).

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asked Sep 24 "18 at 7:32
'Was an abundance' feels ideal to me.
–Kate Bunting
Sep 24 "18 at 8:02
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I"m suspecting this is a instance of the virtually non-existent usage of the subjunctive mood/tense in English, mostly present when making use of the verb "to be". If the use is hypothetical, one nearly always supplies the subjunctive, as in "if I were you." In this case it"s not rather clear and also both, I think, might be used relying on the intent. The use in the example right here is more a definite statement of truth than hypothesis and also I"d feel even more comfortable making use of "was".

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answered Sep 24 "18 at 18:10
Dan S.Dan S.
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Not that tright here was a wealth of sticks or structure supplies.

The over sentence is correct bereason of sticks or structure supplies is just some extra indevelopment around the abundance you intended, i.e., it answers Abundance of what?.

If only tright here was and rather of or in your sentence both were and was would certainly be correct conveying various meaning.

Not that tright here were an abundance of sticks and also building supplies.Not that tbelow was an abundance of sticks and building supplies.
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answered Sep 24 "18 at 17:39

Zeeshan AliZeeshan Ali
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