Baldwinsville is a village in Onondaga County, New York, United States. The population was 7,378 at the 2010 census. It is component of the Syracuse Metropolitan Statistical Area.Restaurants in Baldwinsville


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Onondaga Park hosts the "Lights on the Lake" screen of XMAS lights each year. I had actually never before gone via this remarkable sight prior to, yet I did this week. WOW!!! If you have actually never saw the park during this colorful extravaganza, you really should! I did it simply as a way to kill some time in between meetings, yet it would certainly have actually been worth the expedition also simply to watch that. It does price $10.00, but well worth the expense. Go this year!


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The historical value of this area cannot be underapproximated, however unfortunately structures are in disrepair. It is a nice place to walk and it is simple to check out the dimension and also form of the canal section here, but the structures alengthy side the canal require severe work-related. There is a National Park sign, but we did not see evidence of their involvement. Still glad we went to appreciate "what supplied to be."


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Wonder trails to walk or hike through the wood. You deserve to rent a watercraft and also paddle roughly the lake. They have educational indevelopment and organize some unique occasions. I understand in the winter you can cross country ski as well. Tbelow are picnic tables easily accessible as well.

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A dozen days of downhome fun with a emphasis on the great state of New York’s farming heritage and also achievement adds as much as a romp of a good time. A hearty mix of midmethod rides, concerts, exhibits and even more ensures everybody has actually a blast. One of the greatest and longest running state fairs in America, the yearly occasion runs till Labour Day at the New York Fairgrounds in Syracuse.

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We tfinish to go every year. Sometimes we go when, yet other years we go a couple of times. The latest improvements are getting better. The commodes are all over and maintained exceptionally clean. The selection of food is mind blowing. The rides are cleaner, safer, and more of an option. The ideal deal is the all day ride wristband. There are some of the ideal mirrors on earth to watch. The excellent Bandaloni is my favorite inspect him out on you-tube .


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Local 315 is like a covert gem; basic to miss you drive by.Excellent assortment of craft brews.... they know their stuff.And talk about famous... several fun folks...and get this.. exceptionally pet (dog) friendly also.They had actually a band playing outside once we were tright here.And a mobile kiosk/food truck by the entrance gave mighty tasty grub; acquire Frank's franks.Very nice regional setting; you'll check out some live stock on method in on appropriate of the entrance way. And for a extra ambiance...inspect out the hops area on the left as you drive in.Thoroughly enjoyable place through thoroughly enjoyable beers & ales. Like I shelp.... easy to drive by.... "don't miss out on this place".

Reviewed By ET_Bville - Syracusage

Decent regional brewer. THe tasting pub at the 4 corners in B-ville offers beer, not much else. A bit tight quarters for a group of any type of more than 3 or 4, No food selection. Berr is primarily excellent, sometimes they have a hit-or-miss out on distinct brew. Mostly done well. Bring your growler. Limited hrs.

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Jack Nicklaus designed track via superb conditions and also sevedepend sloped and also compartmentalized green complexes. If you have actually golf abilities to the allude of controlling distances and direction, you'll truly gain the endure. (A gps/rangefinder truly is a must).Great practice facilities too. Please rearea your divots and solve you pitch marks wherever before you play.

Reregarded By Larry W - Rochester, New York

Hickory Hills is a public club that is every little thing to execute via golf. For the serious golfer who wants to play 18 holes to the toddler through a miniature golf putter, this place has it all. The course is a wide-open up affair via very few trees and also obstacles to obtain in the means and also snag your golf balls, so I'd recommfinish this for those golfers that are simply starting out without the precision accuracy necessary on tighter courses. Tright here is likewise a driving selection via both organic and also artificial hitting surdeals with, so you deserve to have your option. A miniature golf course on the various other side of the clubresidence will certainly entice those younger customers that simply want to hit the ball past the blades of the windmill.Tbelow is also a clubhome, where you can obtain anypoint from a snack to a huge meal. The authorize out front states you deserve to alseo have your propane tank filled here...which I did not try.This is a good area to have actually fun, and to play to your own level, whatever that level is. I perform recommfinish it.HINT for this place: If you are going to usage the driving variety, carry along $1 and also $5 dollar bills, as the sphere dispensing machines just take cash, and also they do not give change!