Situated on the coast of Lake Michigan in northern Illinois, Naval Station Great Lakes is home of the USA Navy’s just boot camp. This training facility is the largest in the Navy, via more than 1,000 buildings on the base. Naval Station Great Lakes operates prefer a little city through its own fire department, police forces and public functions department.

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If you’ve newly relocated to town through your Navy recruit or have actually referred to as Naval Station Great Lakes your residence for a while, however are looking for some fresh principles for weekend fun, check out our list of 10 points to do.

Stay and also play at Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf Lodge is the largest household of indoor waterpark resorts in The United States and Canada, with world-course attractions and accommodation. Putt approximately at Howl in One Mini Golf, slip and slide dvery own Coyote Canyon and also Otter Run or play to win at Northern Lights Arcade.Whether you’re in search of a vacation venue or a day-trip location, Great Wolf Lodge is perfect for the entirety family members.

Spend a romantic evening in the Windy City. Just an hour-long drive southern of Naval Station Great Lakes, Chicearlier serves as the perfect backdrop for day night with your Servicemember.


Check out one of The 2nd City’s notorious live comedy shows, capture a musical in the Belmont Theater District, hit up among Chicago’s trick bars or suffer a night at the museum at Adler After Dark!

Jump America indoor trampoline park has somepoint for kids of all periods. With 16,000 square feet of trampolines, two dodgesphere courts and a foam jumping pit, your children will be entertained for hours on end. Plus, it’s a good venue for birthday parties, school trips and area gatherings. Check out their current promovements, favor Jump N Jam Fridays and Tot Time, for the ideal deals!

Pay homage to our nation’s naval history. The National Museum of the Amerideserve to Seafarer, an main Department of the Navy museum, is dedicated to the conservation of celebration of the history of the USA Navy’s Enlisted Seafarer. Not only does the museum attach the public through our Navy’s heritage, yet it likewise plays a role in the training process of Navy recruits, hosting legacies and also activities that promote the history of our Naval forces.

Admission to the National Museum of the American Seafarer is complimentary and open up to the public. If you plan on visiting through a big group, just remember to make a reservation in development.

Disconnect from the digital people. Tip ameans from your lappeak and spfinish an afternoon enjoying the finest nature hregarding offer with a calming stroll with the Rollins Savanna Nature Preserve.


Walk with the wetlands and marvel at the groves of huge oak trees and also prairies of wildflowers. The 5.5 mile trail is open up for hiking and also biking — even skiing in the winter — so there’s never before a shortage of methods to gain the organic beauty of the Rollins Savanna keep.

Plan a staycation in adjacent Milwaukee. Located an hour north of Naval Station Great Lakes, Milwaukee is an excellent weekend getaway for a girls’ expedition or household fun! Stop by the Jelly Belly Center through the kids for a sweet treat, capture a sphere game at Miller Park or try your luck at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.

Explore among the biggest living museums and conservation centers. With 27 gardens, over 6 miles of lake coast and a renowned Bonsai arsenal, the Chicearlier Botanic Garden is a sight you won’t want to miss. More than one million people visit the garden each year to participate in programs, take classes and also gain the beauty that surrounds them. Admission to the garden is totally free for all visitors and all Military personnel get the added bonus of totally free parking by presenting ID at the parking gate.

Enjoy lakeside relaxation at Illinois Beach State Park. This 6.5-mile stretch of beach supplies a range of tasks for world of all periods. Explore the different plants and also wildlife of the regional marshes, go for a watercraft ride on Lake Michigan, splash roughly the water on a warm summer afternoon or spend a night camping under the stars.


Whether you’re in search of a calm retreat to catch up on the latest book club check out or desire to actively check out the good outdoors, Illinois Beach State Park is a perfect destination for an afternoon of fun.

Featuring some of the world’s finest roller coasters, Six Flags Great America is the right location for action and adundertaking.Popular attractions incorporate Maxx Force, a triple record-breaking roller coaster, and also The Joker free-fly coaster. For those thrillseekers looking to beat the warm, Hurricane Harbor waterpark uses a range of slides and also pools for visitors of all periods.

From musicals and dance performances to concerts and also comedy reflects, the Genewatch Theatre is among the area’s optimal entertainment venues. The theater first opened up its doors in the late 1920s and also initially served as a neighborhood center for Waukegan occupants to immerse themselves in entertainment. While the theater’s offerings have actually adjusted over time, it stays an essential component of the regional arts scene.

The Genecheck out Theatre is not just a well-known venue to see neighborhood and also renowned artists perdevelop, but it’s additionally an excellent space for reunions, Sweet Sixteens and also various other family members or corpoprice gatherings. Make certain to reserve your occasion well in development as easily accessible dates fill up quickly!

When you call Naval Station Great Lakes your residence, you gain the ideal of quiet, tiny tvery own life via the benefits of massive city activity adjacent. From its arts and entertainment scene to the herbal wonders of Lake Michigan, you’ll never before run out of locations to go and also things to execute.

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