Located in Geary County in the state of Kansas, Junction City is a charming place to explore if you’re right into background and nature. It has actually many sprawling parks, wildlife-well-off refuges, historical sites favor Freedom Park’s Atomic Annie, Geary County Historical Society, Spring Valley one-room schoolresidence, and a lot even more. Also, the city has more activities to offer than you can imagine, which incorporate camping at the Thunderbird Marina, fishing and also swimming at Milford Lake Area, hiking at the River Walk Trail, and so on Make certain you additionally attempt the town’s colorful food scene and also the many type of nightspots and also shopping malls. In instance you’re still wondering what else you can carry out in the location, inspect out our list of the ideal things to perform in Junction City, Kansas, and have actually fun traveling about the city.

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1. Visit Geary County Historical Society

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A short article shared by Geary County Museum (
gearycohistory) on Jul 25, 2018 at 8:34am PDT

An considerable historical museum in Junction City, Geary County Historical Society is located in a three-story limestone structure, which provided to be Junction City High School in 1906. The museum attributes long-term and rotating exhibits, including artefacts around the beforehand background of Kansas, vintage photographs, genealogical records of Geary County, and also newsrecords that day earlier to the Civil War. One of the most-visited rooms in the structure is the one containing cameras and also photographs about the area, which were taken by some brilliant photographers prefer J.J. Pennell and also C.W. Weller.

Geary County Historical Society

Address: 530 N Adams St, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: Geary County Historical Society

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 1pm - 4pm (closed on Mon)

2. Spfinish a day at Milford Nature Center

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A article mutual by Courtney Schurhammer (
avid_outdoors_woman) on Aug 24, 2017 at 11:32am PDT

A neighborhood wildlife park in Kansas, Milford Nature Center is a family-friendly facility that is residence to many kind of pets choose birds, fishes, reptiles, amphibians, and more. It additionally has exhibits around the taxidermic specimens of the very same pets mentioned above. Other attractions below encompass a hiking trail, picnic sanctuary, playground, and a butterfly home. You won’t just acquire to see a couple of wildlife yet likewise learn somepoint around the species, which you have the right to share via friends and family members earlier home.

Milford Nature Center

Address: 3415 Hatchery Dr, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: Milford Nature Center

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 4:30pm; Sat - Sun: 1pm - 5pm

3. See different pet species at Bird Runner Wildlife Refuge

Editor"s Note: There"s no photo available at the moment of writing

A 320-acre (129.50-hectare) prairie reserve located in Kansas, Bird Jogger Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit nature attraction in Junction City, for half of its land also area belongs to the five-million-acre (two-million-hectare) indigenous prairie that remains in Flint Hills. The refuge is now an Audubon of Kansas, which creates safe places for wildlife conservation. You’ll sucount learn more around the fauna and flora of the area when you visit, so don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime possibility of experimenting nature.

Bird Runner Wildlife Refuge

Address: 11003 Lower McDowell Creek Roadway, Junction City, KS 66441

Website: Bird Runner Wildlife Refuge

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4. Stroll around Geary State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area

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A short article shared by Micvital Shannon (
mickeyshannonphotography) on May 2, 2016 at 8:52pm PDT

Geary State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area functions a 97-acre (39.25-hectare) crystal clear lake that is surrounded by a huge land also through an expanse of 180 acres, which serves as a public hunting area. The lake is house to many type of aquatic animals choose walleye, Flathead catfish, babsence bass, bluegill, and more, which renders it an excellent fishing spot. It additionally serves as a momentary residence for moving waterfowl throughout the autumn and spring periods. In addition, the location has actually picnic locations, barbecue grills, a primitive camping website, and a watercraft ramp that are perfect for household holidays.

Geary State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area

Address: US-77, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: Geary State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area

5. Have a picnic at Sertoma Park

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A article common by Paula Lundeen (
paula_lundeen) on Oct 27, 2015 at 12:37pm PDT

An wonderful area to have high quality time with the family, Sertoma Park attributes many amenities that will save everyone moving. It sits on a 5.3-acre (21.04-hectare) land that attributes a baseround field and a sand also volleyball court. It additionally comes through a playground for little bit children, picnic area, restrooms for both genders, and also running courses. Additionally, the park accepts appointments for unique events.

Sertoma Park

Address: 900 E sixth St, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: Sertoma Park

Opening hours: 5am - 8pm (daily)

6. Watch a present at CL Hoover Opera House

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A post common by Rezound! Handbell Ensemble (
rezoundbells) on Jun 23, 2019 at 11:46am PDT

For over 130 years, the C.L. Hoover Opera Housage has actually offered as many kind of points, including as a tvery own courthome, a fire department, a cinema, and also a city jail. Now, the opera house serves as a multi-objective facility for the arts, such as a facility for visual and also performing arts, events venue for both service and also leisure use for the proactivity of cultural and also educational possibilities, and various other public activities. Also, the structure is just one of the a lot of crucial cultural landmarks in the city, wbelow you’ll find the art agencies of Geary County and also Junction city that encompass Junction City Little Theater, Community Band also, and Arts Council.

CL Hoover Opera House

Address: 135 W 7th St, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: CL Hoover Opera House

7. Travel earlier in time at Spring Valley Historic Site

Spring Valley one-room schoolhouse

Posted by Geary County Historical Society and also Museums onFriday, 10 May 2013

If you’re right into history and also love finding out about the previous by visiting historic sites, then you should visit the Spring Valley Historic Site. It is a room in Junction City that attributes historical buildings like Spring Valley schoolhome, which is a 19th-century, one-room log cabin that held classes up to 1958. It is also the last one-room college cabin that continued to be without plumbing in Geary County. Another exciting structure right here is the Wetzel’s Log Cabin Church, which is the former residence of the C.F. Wetzel family, and wbelow the first meeting of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in Kansas took area. In addition, don’t foracquire to respect and also pay homage to these important things of the previous as soon as you visit.

Spring Valley Historic Site

Address: 816 N Spring Valley Rd, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: Spring Valley Historic Site

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 1pm - 4pm (closed on Mon)

8. Explore the River Walk Trail

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A short article mutual by Haley Steele (
basically_haley) on Mar 17, 2019 at 2:00pm PDT

Set beside the Republihave the right to River, the River Walk Trail is a 4.8-mile (7.72-km) course that winds from the Milford Lake and also goes all the way to the entrance of Fort Riley in Washington St. The trail is made of limerock screenings which are excellent for walking, cycling, jogging, and they can additionally be provided by equestrians. Apart from being a terrific trail, it also has actually a brand-new sanctuary wright here families and friends have the right to have picnics. In addition, the home is open up until dark in the time of operating days.

River Walk Trail

Address: Junction City, KS 66441, USA

Website: River Walk Trail

9. Camp at East Rolling Hills Park

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A write-up mutual by traciannpetite (
traciannpetite) on Mar 19, 2017 at 12:19pm PDT

A scenic campsite, East Rolling Hills Park’s landscape is composed of rolling hills that attributes expansive fields of aboriginal prairie surrounded by woods. It has actually 2 marinas which include Thunderbird Marina, a full-service marina that provides rental cottages, camping, and also a few restaurants. Also, you’ll discover here the Corps of Engineers campground that has a swimming beach and also wbelow you can mount your watercrafts on the coastline. Additionally, for an extra interesting suffer, make certain to attempt their primitive campwebsite and also try living a day or 2 without using modern-day conveniences.

East Rolling Hills Park

Address: 5203 North Hwy K 57, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: East Rolling Hills Park

10. View the scenery at Freedom Park - Atomic Cannon

Source:Photoby userBenjamin Clarkoffered under CC BY 2.0

Located in a bluff in Junction City’s Freedom Park, the Atomic Cannon is an M65 Atomic Cannon, popularly recognized as Atomic Annie. This artillery piece is one of the three making it through cannons in the USA that was never fired. Though it is a well known attractivity in the area, the thing doesn’t have actually any symbolic writings on it or any kind of indicators that make it unique. Just a heads up, the climb to gain an up-close encounter through the cannon is fairly invigorating, so make certain you wear comfortable shoes. The view up tbelow is beautiful so take as many type of photos as possible.

Freedom Park - Atomic Cannon

Address: Kennel Dr, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

11. Take a tour of Munchild Angus Farms, LLC

Posted by Munkid Angus Farms onFriday, 9 November 2018
If you desire to check out what a working farm looks prefer, then you have to hitch a ride on a babsence horse and also tour Munboy Angus Farms. It is a household operated farm owned by Charles and David Munchild. The building is famous for producing the finest tasting beef that originates from the Angus Cattle herd. You’ll likewise learn a lot about farming once you visit, for you’ll watch modern equipment and up-to-day machinery in use, while the farmers incorpoprice standard worths in their occupational.

Munboy Angus Farms, LLC

Address: 4820 Liberty Hall Rd, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: Munchild Angus Farms, LLC

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 11am - 8pm; Fri - Sat: 11am - 10pm

12. Play bowling at Junction City Bowl

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A article mutual by Goatee Goat (
g.o.a.t_adventures) on Sep 14, 2019 at 10:42pm PDT

Are you in search of a fun night or afternoon in Junction City? If so, don’t hesitate to visit Junction City Bowl and also make sure you bring your family and also friends with you for an extra delightful time ahead. The bowling alley has actually over 24 lanes and also a Brunswick SYNC Scoring System, which will certainly make your game a lot much better. Apart from bowling, you’ll likewise enjoy playing darts and also billiards, and even watching tv is a various endure below. Additionally, they accept birthday parties, agency occasions, and various other distinct occasions.

Junction City Bowl

Address: 835 S Washington St, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: Junction City Bowl

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 12pm - 10pm; Fri - Sat: 12pm - 2am

13. Bring out your finest dance moves at The Empyre Room

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A short article common by Your Unforgettable (
yourunforgettable) on Jun 30, 2019 at 8:24pm PDT

If you’re wondering just how the locals spfinish their Friday night in Junction City, then you need to drop by the Empyre Room and endure the fun for yourself. It is a crowd favorite nightspot that functions a dance floor where you can display your rehearsed dance moves. Tright here is great music like jazz, pop, and RnB, and many drinks specials, and remarkable pool tables. It is a perfect area to acquire loose and also gain dancing through friends till the wee hours of the night. Don’t forget to try their cocktails once you visit.

The Empyre Room

Address: 713 S Washington St, Junction City, KS 66441, United States

Website: The Empyre Room

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 7pm - 2am (closed on Sun)

Explore Junction City

Source:Photoby userJohn Vachonsupplied under PUBLIC DOMAIN

When in Kansas, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting this city in Geary County, which provides countless activities and also attractions. Junction City has most surprises in store for everyone, including things of the past and also modern attractions choose bowling alleys, a farmstead tour, historic sites, war artifacts, nightclubs, and more. On top of it all, this city provides many stories, neighborhood dishes to taste, and hidden herbal gems to discover; all you must perform is check out. So, make certain to read our list of the best things to do in Junction City, Kansas, prior to planning your itinerary.

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