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Don’t overthink. Just enjoy.

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A quote by Kerwin Rae to remind us that occasionally things deserve to be hard, yet if we change our mindset and also perceptions to ‘this is basic, this is simple, this is fun’, our suffer transdevelops right into positivity. 

This item is made out of 100% stainmuch less steel and attributes a C-form design, making it effortmuch less to take on and off. Wear this as your day-to-day mantra, or gift this to a frifinish to share the inspiration



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Product Indevelopment

Size Guide


60mm, 63mm, 67mm & 69mm 

When buying a muzic-ivan.infoplete bangle I am sure you are wondering what dimension will be best! Here are 2 certain fire ways of gaining it ideal eexceptionally time.

Option 1 - Find a bangle you already very own and also measure the inside area 



Option 2 - Touch your pinky finger to your thumb and also meacertain the distance between the external thumb knuckle and the exterior of the pinky knuckle.

These measurement will offer you a size indication.

Small - 60 mmMedium - 63 mmLarge - 67 mmX-Large - 69 mm



Baby bangles are designed for bit wrists. The size of the cuff is 10.5 cm lengthy and is fully adjusecure to your child"s wrist.

Young Adult

Teen / Tiny adult cuffs are designed for 4 years + approximately adult depending on the dimension of your wrist. They are perfect for adults with large hands yet tiny wrists. Measuring 14 cm long they have the right to be opened up and closed to suit the majority of wrist sizes.


Adult cuffs are designed for guys and women. These remarkable cuffs meacertain 16 cm lengthy and are fully adjusecure to fit most wrists.


Product Care


Caring for Rose Gold & Yellow Gold-Plated Bangles

Our 18k Rose Gold and 14k Yellow Gold-plated bangles are sindicate gorgeous, however delicate. Taking additional care for them is a must if you desire to proccasion any type of of the rose/yellow gold tarnishing, fading out or being worn ameans.

Make your Rose/Yellow Gold-plated bangles continue to be sparkly, shiny and keep their luster! Remember these few things you must AVOID.

Do not use perfume, lotions, hairspray or other sprays while wearing your rose/yellow gold-plated jewellery. This is just one of the major reasons of tarnishing. If you are going to wear your bangles, you must skip putting perfume on your wrist. The chemicals in perfume deserve to react through the climbed gold and cause it to tarnish. When you do your hair, don’t forobtain to wash your hands and also wrists prior to popping those rose/yellow gold bangles on. Just store in mind that chemicals and rose/yellow gold-plated bangles simply execute not mix!

If you’re making use of lotion, wait a tiny while before wearing your bangles, make certain the lotion is fully absorbed by your skin prior to placing your bangles on. Remember that the quality of the plating will deteriorate if it’s exposed to too much moisture.

Chlorinated, salt or freshwater need to always be avoided. Water have the right to reason it to disintegrate or wear off. Make sure to take your rose gold/yellow gold bangle off prior to taking a shower or bath and most especially once you’re going swimming. This is likewise true for sweat, when you exercise or execute anypoint that will make you sweat greatly, do not wear your bangle. Remember: swimming, showering, bathing and also working out are not an excellent match for your bangle!

Please do not usage a silver cloth, baking soda, or any various other chemicals to clean rose/yellow gold plated jewellery.

Avoid storing rose-gold and also yellow-gold bangles together. It might cause each various other to tarnish, fade and/or revolve colors. It is much better to have actually various storage locations for various colors of jewelleries or simply ssuggest remember to store them not so close to each various other. Store in a dry location.

Our bangles are breakable, and also they need your tender loving care! Unfortunately, anything plated will certainly ultimately tarnish through time and also wear, however you deserve to maximize their lifeexpectations by adhering to the points to stop discussed above.


Caring for Stainless-Steel Silver

Our stainless-steel silver are as challenging as nails and also will not tarnish or rust. Yes, it have the right to obtain scratched but no worries! Your neighborhood jeweller have to have the ability to polish them out for you or you deserve to additionally polish them yourself by sindicate utilizing a silver sprucing up cloth.

You deserve to avoid scratches, by wrapping your jewellery in a soft towel after cleaning or store it in a jewellery box sepaprice from various other kinds of jewellery you have.

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When cleaning your silver bangle, it is remuzic-ivan.infomfinished to usage a lint free cloth dipped in warmth soapy (mild dishwashing liquid is fine) water to wipe the bangle clean. Use your silver polishing towel to dry and also polish the silver bangle.