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Resee Source: Amerideserve to Indians in Children’s LiteraturePublication Author: George LittlechildAmongst my favorite publications is George Littlechild’s This Land Is My Land, publiburned in 1993 by Children’s Publication Press. Written and also portrayed by Littleson, the book won the Jane Addams Peace Award.

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The title, of course, is familiar. Across the USA, in schools and gatherings, civilization sing “This land is my land also, this land is your land…” via a particular patriotic warmth and fervor. But once a Native perboy utters those words, it is quite different. Those five words have actually a different meaning…

Littleson is a member of the Plains Cree Nation. Opening the book, I pause at the dedication, which is a set of black and white photographs of Littlekid, his mother, his grandfather, grandmommy, great-grandfathers, great-grandmothers, and his great-great-grandfathers and also great-great-grandmothers.

The title page shows a Native man and also a white man, dealing with each various other. I look at that illustration and the words over it–This Land Is My Land–and also I’m reminded of a film I watched recently. (The title of that film is You Are on Indian Land and I extremely recommfinish it.) That illustration shows up later in the book. Its title is “Mountie and Indian Chief.” The accompanying text reads:

This photo brings you challenge to confront with 2 different societies. The Mountie is a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman sent out by the Queen of England also and also the Government of Canada to enpressure the regulation of the Europeans. The Chief is a leader of the Plains Cree. He is protecting our people and also our way of life. Continue reading.

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Publisher"s Synopsis: In his own words and paintings, acdeclared Native Amerideserve to artist George Littlekid takes young readers earlier in time to the initially meeting in between his Plains Cree ancestors and the first European settlers in The United States and Canada. Thstormy motivating autobiographical stories accompanied by vivid, dramatic paintings, he recounts the history of his people and their relationship to the land also, relating their battles and triumphs via sensitivity, irony, and also humor. Littlechild expresses his wish to use his art to portray the wonders of his heritage and also to heal the pain of his people"s background and also uses hope and also guidance from the Native Amerihave the right to perspective. This Land is My Land also is a winner of the Jane Addams Picture Book Award and also the National Parenting Publications Gold Medal.

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