This Article Was Made By X Gang describes a collection of satirical picture macros that are stylized to make them show up as if they are sponsored by a particular company, generally a fictional one. Imperiods of this meme tend to feature a picture macro describing one object in a negative light in affect font, accompanied by a watermark or label that is an image macro for a "gang" centered approximately a things related to the image"s subject. Some imperiods of this type are topic to deep frying.

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The trend started on 8chan in the /leftypol/ board in between communist shitposters that masqueraded as the Nazbol (National Bolshevik) Gang in miscellaneous threads, perdeveloping acts of ironic shitposting through both message and also imeras. Nazbol Gang photo macros typically involve exaggerated or surgenuine elements that reflect assorted themes such as supernaturalism, strength in brotherhood, and denouncing Jews, the bourgeoisie, or the Jewish bourgeoisie. Figures on a regular basis featured in Nazbol Gang photo macros incorporate Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, and Jakid Unruhe. Nazbol Gang related articles on /leftypol/ date ago to at an early stage 2016, via it being referenced in 4chan archives as early on as November 2016<1>.

The following video slice is a brief explanation of National Bolshevism and also its visibility online:

Two examples of Nazbol Gang photo macros are presented below:


In early on 2017, leftypol/ YouTube content creator Bat"ko publimelted a /leftypol/ Choir music video around Nazbol titled "NAZBOL PARTY" (the original video was taken down by YouTube but mirrors have actually sprung up across the website to rearea it).

Beyond /leftypol/, National Bolshevism is featured in many kind of video-based memes on YouTube. Notable videos include:

Fuera Sionista | Nazbol Gang Anime Opening | Tyrone Introduces the Nazbol Gang


One of the initially groups to popularize this trend was Gang Weed. The team focused about making ironic photo macros entailing Heath Ledger"s The Joker (shown below), the battles of being a gamer in culture, and rebellion. Gang Weed memes commonly involve a watermark featuring The Joker and at least one of the other aforpointed out aspects. Many Gang Weed-ers originated from /leftypol/, which defines why the signature catchexpression "Gamers Rise Up" and also various other essential functions of Gang Weed frequently embody a revolutionary tone.


The trfinish witnessed additionally spread with the popularity of the M14 gang, an ironic team of shitposters that make picture macros heaping hyperbolic praise on the M14 gun in Cevery one of Duty Babsence Ops. The group originated as a Facebook page<1> which launched on September 13th, 2018.


The group witnessed a surge in interemainder after it was mentioned by PewDiePie on September 2fifth, 2018 in a "Meme Review" episode on his channel that additionally covered Bowsette and Bongo Cat. The video got over 3.7 million views (displayed below). After the video was posted, the Facebook web page gained many type of new members, and also has over 12,000 likes as of October third, 2018.

The popularity of teams like this and Nazbol Gang resulted in parodies on subreddits prefer /r/dankmemes and /r/me_irl in October of 2018, where individuals posted memes against specific items and created their very own "gang" to waternote their short articles via. For example, an October 2second post by user stuntmanboi666 obtained over 8,800 points (shown listed below, left). Anvarious other article by RealShooterMcGavin got over 23,000 points (displayed listed below, right).

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<1> 4chan – leftypol

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