Host Access Management and Security Server variation 12.4Host Access Management and Security Server version 12.3Reflection for the Web (All Editions) version 12.3Reflection for the Net (All Editions) version 12.2
Google Chrome and also Mozilla Firefox (stable release) have disongoing the cross-platcreate Netscape Plug-in Application Programming Interchallenge (NPAPI), which reasons Java plug-ins to be disabled. Java plug-ins are forced by Java applets that run in a client browser. When Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (secure release) is the schosen internet browser, some Micro Focus commodities are impacted by the NPAPI deprecation.
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Figure 1. Google Chrome warning banner: "This site supplies a plugin (Java(TM)) that is unmuzic-ivan.infoed."

As of this technological note"s publication date, other browsers have not formally announced protecting against assistance for Java plug-ins.

Note: Java Net Start applications need JNLP to be permitted in the browser; however, JNLP applications deserve to run external the web browser and perform not need a Java plug-in to be enabled.

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Systems Alternatives

To protect against downtime concerns caused by discontinued assistance for Java plug-ins:

Products that At this time Use Java Plug-ins

The complying with versions of Micro Focus products usage Java plug-ins and also are influenced once NPAPI is deprecated.

Reflection for the Web 12.3 or earlier

The Login applet and the Links List applet, provided to authenticate users and deploy sessions to authorized individuals, call for a Java plug-in. The terminal emulation and file move components are deployed as applets in a web browser and also call for a internet browser capable of running the Java plug-in.

Additionally, the terminal emulation and file deliver components deserve to be deployed as desktop computer applications fairly than as applets. This optional function requires customization.

The Login applet and the Links List applet, which are supplied to authenticate customers and deploy sessions to authorized customers, need a Java plug-in.

Products that are centrally regulated byHost Access Management and also Security Server (MSS) 12.4 or earlier

If MSS (or Reflection for the Web) is provided to secure and also deploy sessions for these products, a Java plug-in is required.

Reflection Deskoptimal assets (IBM, VT, or X sessions)Reflection 2014 commodities (IBM, VT, or X sessions)Reflection 14.x assets (for IBM, HP, VT, or X sessions)Reflection X AdvantageReflection for Secure IT Windows ClientReflection FTP ClientExtra! X-tremeInfoConnect Enterprise EditionInfoConnect DesktopVerastream Host Integrator (Design Tool only)

For more information about Java and Attachmate products, check out KB7021973.

Browser-certain Information

Check your browser"s site for specific timelines and also other communications around deprecating for Java plug-ins, especially NPAPI.

Google Chrome

Effective September 2015 (Chrome 45), NPAPI assistance has actually been permanently removed from Chrome. Installed extensions that need NPAPI plug-ins no longer are able to fill those plug-ins.

For even more information:

Microsoft Net Explorer

Net Explorer continues to Java plug-ins. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 (available 29-Jul-2015) includes the alternative to use Net Explorer (version 11). Older modern technologies are no longer sustained by the new Microsoft Edge internet browser easily accessible in Windows 10.

For even more information:

Mozilla Firefox

As of February 2017, Mozilla plans to drop assistance for Java or other NPAPI plug-ins in Firefox 52 (stable release) releasing March 7, 2017.Organizations that have to usage Mozilla Firefox and Java plug ins have the right to continue to usage Mozilla Firefox Extfinished Release (ESR) 45.7 and also greater.

Firefox choices to plug-ins (technologies easily accessible within the browsers):

WebGL, which permits OpenGL ES accessWebRTC

For more information:

Products that Do Not Require Java Plug-ins

For a longer-term solution, take into consideration upgrading or migrating to a Micro Focus product that does not require Java plug-ins. These assets and versions will certainly not be impacted by the deprecation of NPAPI.

Reflection ZFE
– For user sessions, Java is used on the server, not as a plug-in.Reflection DesktopRumba+ DesktopHost Access Management and Security Server – This is the follower product of Attachmate Reflection Security Gatemeans (obtainable Q4 2015). The indicates to authenticate customers and deploy sessions to authorized customers will certainly no longer require appallows or Java plug-ins.Reflection PKI Services Manager – This optional add-on component supplies Java on a server, not as a plug-in.

To uncover out more around these or other assets, call a sales representative (

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