A guy flew more than 650 miles to accomplish a womale he met on TikTok and currently they’re in a relationship.

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Matt Bannon, 26, of Dallas, Texas, posted a video of himself swimming that went viral and also got thousands of responses from womales that shelp they were interested in him — including an Olympic athlete, according to SWNS. One comment recorded his eye. 

Taylor Bier, 25, of Omaha, Nebraska, wrote: “Ooo 25, single, experienced there was an Olympic athlete on board – I can not beat that.”

It seems she did bereason Bannon replied to her comment and also the two began exaltering messages, SWNS reported. Bier told the news firm their messperiods were “super easy.”

“Eexceptionally conversation sparked a brand-new conversation,” she included.

She soon asked Bannon to FaceTime to make certain he wasn’t faking his account. They talked for 2 hrs on that first contact, she told SWNS.

Taylor Bier commented on a viral swimming video Matt Bannon posted on Tik Tok and they’ve been close ever given that. Taylor Bier / SWNS

“He was means even more handsome than I ever before believed he was going to be,” Bier said. “We both halfjokingly, half-seriously, mentioned that after the initially time we met in perboy, we were kind of hoping we’d feel like more friends than anything more. That would certainly make everything much easier, yet, plainly that wasn’t the instance.”

However, simply 2 weeks after they started talking, Bannon bought a plane ticket to Omaha so he might accomplish Bier in person.

“He booked it a month out, so we still had actually a complete month to acquire to know each various other prior to he actually came here for the initially time,” Bier defined.

Matt Bannon flew over 650 miles to meet Taylor Bier for their first date. Taylor Bier / SWNS

Bier posted abrief video of their initially meetingthat also went viral, through more than 4.5 million views.

“Meeting in perkid was so much much better than I could’ve ever before expected,” Bier told SWNS. “It’s super crazy exactly how things occupational out.”

Bannon added: “Thank God for TikTok, right?”

According to SWNS, the two are now officially dating and have actually visited each various other a few times currently. The news firm reported that they arrangement to meet one weekend of eextremely month.

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Video grab from footage of Taylor Bier’s TikTok story around just how her now-boyfrifinish Matt Bannon traveled 650 miles to fulfill her.Taylor Bier / SWNS

“We are taking points one month at a time. We both know we really like each other and also that we’re not interested in meeting anyone else,” Bier said. “Matt jokes that this seachild of the TikTok Bachelor is over.”

“It really does not feel prefer it’s only been 3 times of seeing each other in perkid, just because of exactly how regularly we FaceTime,” Bier added. “We are away even more than we are together, but we look at it as those 3 or 4 days together as so worth all the missing each other in in between.”

Bier defined that frequently, she doesn’t talk about strangers’ videos or follow strangers on TikTok.

“But in this circumstances, I don’t understand what acquired into me, however I did both of those things,” she sassist. “This was indeed a opportunity encounter, however bereason of the means points are panning out, I now more than ever, have actually complete faith in the truth that whatever does occur for a reason.”

Matt Bannon (left) and also Taylor Bier are dating after meeting on TikTok. Taylor Bier / SWNS