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Lynn from Monroe, La.Izzy from Dallas is spot on. Anyone via any type of degree of discernment have the right to check out it. First concert...Fox theatre Atlanta...on their Tiny music tour. Greatest performance I ever before saw...and also I"ve checked out many... consisting of Van Halen opening for the Stones(Some Girls Tour) 1978...likewise Boston, Heart, Halen, Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth, and so the Superdome. Saw STP 4 times. Met Scott..and conversed for a while whilst on tour in Monroe..S.W. and also Wildabouts. The Red Crested Rock God. Read his and the Ex"s autobiographies. Happy in Galoshes is excellent (btw). STP has been the soundtrack of my heart ever before considering that the Fox Theatre Sjust how. Long Live Stone Temple Pilots!!!John Wilvital from Lawrenceville, NjOnly Dying WAS the original track for The Crow soundtrack, but it is not the exact same song as Big EmptyJohn Lehmanthe song "the big empty" is about driving quick and drunk in montana and also lieing around drug use. "her dizzy head is conscientific research laden". her is the drug. and also conversations kill implies the conversation in between law devices.Izzy from DallasTo me this song is around suicide it"s time to go to muchBookbabe from New York, NyThis is "Angel of the Morning" from the suggest of see of a male heroin addict.Brett from Avon Park , Flthis song though it ahd nopoint to execute via relationships aided me obtain through a tough breakup.... well it and also staind.Bret from Cleveland, OhUmmmm, this is the ideal song ever before. If I"m at a dive bar, I have to hear this song. I just experienced STP about 9 months back, and also they opened through this song.... AMAZING.... Too poor Scott will never weigh over 75 lbs...Nicholas Serro from Scottsdale, AzOne of Stone Temple Pilot"s ideal songs. The lyrics are genius at approaching an "issue" of teens as viewed by paleas of utilizing girlsDan from Minneapolis, MnMy favorite stp song. Completely think its around f***ing drunk girls in your vehicle although I think he"s having actually some remorse around it.Favorite line is "also a lot walkin shoes worn thin, as well a lot trippin and also my souls worn thin" been thereOldpink from New Castle, InSure sounds choose a dobro to me, yet I could be wrong.Definitely a fantastic song that didn"t obtain nearly as much airplay as "Plush" or "Interstate Love Tune."G from Potomac, MdMarissa, hasn"t he been on smack for all of his recordings?Kali from Van Nuys, CaI met Scott at my task. His son was having a birthday party and I had actually the Greatest honor of being their Party Host :> He was pretty cool, I didn"t really check out him talk to anyone, he didn"t also desire to play Laser Tag! I mean...that wouldnt desire to run roughly shooting a bunch of kids? Just kidding...Anymethods...he was very polite when I asked him if he wanted a piece of cake though! LoL. I really wanted to talk to him and stuff but it was his children bday party so I didn"t desire to take amethod from his time with his family. All I really wanted to say was...Big Empty is Such an impressive Song! I Love STP! Kali from Van Nuys, CaI met Scott at my project. His boy was having actually a birthday party and I had the Greatest honor of being their Party Host :> He was pretty cool, I didn"t really watch him talk to anyone, he didn"t also desire to play Laser Tag! I intend...that wouldnt desire to run roughly shooting a bunch of kids? Just kidding...Anymethods...he was incredibly polite once I asked him if he wanted a item of cake though! LoL. I really wanted to talk to him and also stuff yet it was his youngsters bday party so I didn"t want to take away from his time via his family. All I really wanted to say was...Big Easy is Such an amazing Song! I Love STP! Jeremy from Miramici, CanadaI think this song is about picking girls up in a bar, and after a while just how the sex is meaningless. He keeps saying these conversations kill, and also by that I think he indicates that he would prefer to autumn in love and also have actually a conversation with a girl to suppose somepoint, not just to acquire in her pants.....gotta love stp tho, beautiful song.Marissa from Simsbury, Cti love this song. i"m only sorry that weiland made much better music strung out on smack...gaahh.Jake from Burke, VaBig Empty was featured in the movie "The Crow." Brandon Lee was eliminated while filming the movie.Daniel from Springarea, MaWhen I play it on my Alvrez 12-String the whole room lights up on the chorus. Ssuggest among the most beautiful, anthemic choroffers I"ve ever before heard. I obtain teary eyed.Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScNo comments? This I think, is just one of STP"s ideal. I like the sound of this song and also the instrumentation. Is someone playing a doborogh on this track? If it is, that provides the song a bluesy feel. I choose it.check out more comments
Somewhere Out ThereLinda Ronstadt and James Ingram

The hit duet "Somewhere Out There" was created for an animated film about a family members of immigive mice that shed among their young.

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At This MomentBilly Vera & the Beaters

"At This Moment" was first released by Billy Vera & the Beaters in 1981, and hit #79. After it was provided in 2 episodes of Family Ties in 1985-1986, it saw #1.

Jet City WomanQueensrÿche

The "Jet City Woman" in the Queensrÿche song is Seattle.

Single Ladies (Placed a Ring on It)Beyoncé

Beyoncé married Jay-Z 5 months before releasing "Single Ladies (Placed a Ring On It)," a song she sang in character as her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce.

If I Could Turn Back TimeCher

According to the song"s writer, Diane Warren, Cher hated the song and she had to force it on her by holding her leg dvery own in the time of a session till she recorded it.

Whole Lotta LoveLed Zeppelin

"Whole Lotta Love" was Led Zeppelin"s only US Top 10 hit, charting at #4. Many type of of their songs, including "Stairmethod To Heaven," were not released as singles, as it was thought about poor create in England to make people pay for singles that were on albums.

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Boz ScaggsSongwriter Interviews

The "Lowdown" and "Licarry out Shuffle" singer makes a habit of playing via the best in the organization.

Charles FoxSongwriter Interviews

After studying in Paris with a renowned complace teacher, Charles ended up being the many effective writer of TV template songs.

Victoria WilliamsSongwriter Interviews

Despite appearances on Carboy, Leno and also a Pennebaker film, Williams remains a concealed treasure.

Oliver LeiberSongwriter Interviews

Long before she was judging contestants on Amerihave the right to Idol, Oliver was creating Paula Abdul. Here"s just how he helped revolve this unwell-known choreographer right into a star.

JJ Burnel of The StranglersSongwriter Interviews

JJ talks around The Stranglers" signature sound - key-board and bass - which isn"t your typical strain of punk rock.

Is That Song Public Domain?Fact or Fiction

Are classical songs favor "Over The Rainbow" and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in the public domain?