3) The partnership in between the map distance and also the corresponding distance on the ground is recognized as the ________.

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11) The range of "an inch on the map represents two miles on the surface of the Earth" would be CLOSEST to which representative fraction?
16) Most of the maps drawn on ________ projections are for an optimal portrayal of worldwide distributions.
17) You wish to navigate your yacht from Europe to the United States. Which type of map projection would certainly be a lot of useful?
25) The characteristic of projections which portray precise sizes yet distort the shapes of land masses is referred to as ________.
29) In the Mercator forecast, which item of the Planet is depicted ridiculously big in comparikid to its actual size?
36) If one wished to develop a map which concentrated on the continents and verified little of the world"s seas, then she/he have to use a(n) ________ estimate.
49) Which of the complying with is the acronym for the system of U.S. Department of Defense satellites which are supplied to establish specific locations on Earth?
55) For the geographer, the new mapping devices favor remote sensing, GPS, and GIS are ideal regarded as ________.
60) In ________ film photography, the photographic film is sensitive to wavelengths longer than visible light.
61) The type of remote sensing which penetprices clouds at night for exact terrain representation is ________.
65) Aside from normal photographic film, ________ film has proven very helpful for interpretation of Planet sources from airborne camages.
66) On which form of aerial imagery would a footsphere field of man-made grass be discernible from organic grass?
69) Which of the following bands are NOT supplied by the Earth-sensing satellites pointed out in the text?
72) The significant benefit of orthophotos as compared to regular vertical air photographs is that ________.
80) ________ are multicolored, distortion-totally free photographic photo maps. Displacements resulted in by electronic camera tilt or distinctions in terrain elevations have actually been rerelocated.
86) The a lot of important Earth sources satellite series was began in the 1970s and also is known as ________.
87) Satellite data are analyzed in individual pieces representing several to many meters on the Earth"s surface. These pieces are recognized as ________.

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103) Which of the adhering to would certainly be provided for overlay map analysis wright here two or even more map layers are superenforced or integrated?
104) Geographic indevelopment device innovation is a straight result of advances in all EXCEPT ________.
105) Which of the following would certainly be a form of application in which a geographic information system would certainly NOT be used?
106) Which of the following options represents a modern technology into which the other options can be offered as inputs?