Choose among the adhering to resources to check out and ponder. As you check out, store in mind any kind of of your associates who can be struggling via addiction.

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After you finish your reading, answer the adhering to concerns in your learner"s journal:

What does this reading teach you around the love God has for His children?What truths or gospel values impressed you?What insights did you get about your associates that might be struggling with addiction?How might the principles in this reading use to those associates managing addiction?How does the gospel of Jesus Christ carry out methods, hope, and glad tidings for those associates struggling with addiction?

Furthermore, finish one of the complying with items:

Lesson Preview

In this leskid, you will certainly proceed finding out about addiction—especially just how to assistance associates in their journey to recoincredibly. You will learn exactly how to support associates by (1) helping them accessibility devices for recoextremely, (2) helping them manage their addictions and also satisfy their duties, and also (3) encouraging them to feel hope and also strengthen their partnership through God.

Note: Although this leskid consists of information, theories, and individual anecdotes about addiction, the Church does not endorse any kind of particular method to or concept about addiction or addiction recoexceptionally. Tright here are many type of other valuable theories around addiction. The indevelopment and stories in this lesson are included to help you think around ways to assist your associates who are struggling via addiction. As you occupational through these associates, look for the guidance of the Spirit to know exactly how to assist them best.

Helping Associates Access Tools for Recovery

From the following list, choose and also finish one or even more tasks that ideal use to your case.

Rewatch the Recoincredibly Worksheet uncovered in the “Leschild Resources” area, Reresource 1. Then as a team, discuss the following:

How deserve to you use the recoexceptionally worksheet to assist your associates? How might it assist them recognize whether their activities are valuable or detrimental to their recovery?Why is it vital to understand the conditions and also triggers that contribute to addictions or other types of undesirable behavior?How have the right to you reinpressure your associates’ positive habits and also aid them prevent negative behaviors?

As a team, check out Learn exactly how to uncover ARP meetings, watch videos, and also review individual accounts. Discuss the complying with questions:

What information does this website provide?How deserve to this information serve as a resource for you?How have the right to this indevelopment be a resource for associates struggling with addiction?

Explore the Overcome Addiction percent of the webwebsite. Take 3 to five minutes to watch videos or read individual accounts on the site. Take notes and also consider the complying with questions:

What truths perform these materials teach?What insights perform they administer about avoiding or overcoming addiction?

Then divide right into tiny groups, share what you check out, and also talk about the concerns above. Once each member has had actually a opportunity to share his or her thoughts, comment on the adhering to questions:

How have the right to these sources help as you occupational with associates that have addictions?How could you usage the scriptures to strengthen an associate’s resolution to reach recovery?How have the right to you appropriately share these resources through associates who are struggling through addiction?

Helping Associates to Manage Their Addictions and Fulfill Responsibilities

From the complying with list, select and also complete one or even more activities that best use to your case.

As addressed in Lesboy 3.2, poor social skills, low self-esteem, curiosity, and also peer press can be contributing determinants for people to start abutilizing substances, which have the right to result in addiction. Resee the Recoexceptionally Worksheet in the “Leschild Resources” area, Resource 1, which addresses extra high-risk instances such as hunger, anger, loneliness, exhaustion, and being in places wbelow the substance is simple to uncover.

As a group, comment on the following:

Why is it important for you to be aware of these high-hazard situations?How have the right to identifying high-hazard instances help associates prevent or control addictions? You might share your experiences, if correct.What actions can you take to help a struggling associate regulate his or her addiction?How deserve to you aid associates satisfy job-related and also individual obligations while they are reextending from an addiction?

As a group, watch 2 videos from the 12 Steps to Change series. Then discuss the adhering to questions:

How execute these videos help us understand also what respanning associates go through?Why is empathy necessary once helping a struggling associate?How have the right to empathy assist us build other Christfavor attributes? How can Christprefer features assist us assistance associates struggling through addiction?What execute these videos teach around the love God feels for each of His children?How does knowledge God’s love aid us support associates as they occupational to manage their addiction and also accomplish their responsibilities?

Invite a former DI associate that has actually struggled via addiction to come talk about just how functioning via Deseret Industries aided him or her to reach recoexceptionally. Invite the associate to deal with some of the complying with questions:

What did the task coach trainer execute to assist you? What mindset did the task coach trainer have around helping you? What were vital tools that helped you regulate your addiction? How long did it require to regulate the addiction? How did various other associates help? Explain. What sources did you usage to regulate your addiction? What were some crucial determinants in discovering how to manage your addiction?

You can additionally ask any type of relevant and also proper questions that will certainly aid you understand exactly how to help associates struggling via addiction.

Encouraging Associates to Focus on Hope and Strengthen Their Relationship through God

From the following list, select and also complete one or even more activities that best use to your instance.

Be all set to share one or two scriptures or statements from the readings provided at the beginning of the leschild. After each course member shares his or her insights, comment on the complying with as a group:

What are some of the truths and also gospel ethics taught in these readings?What impressed you the the majority of from these readings?What do the Lord and His servants teach you about God’s love for His children?What do the Lord and also His servants teach you around the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ?What great news execute these readings provide about hope, change, and also the power to get rid of an addiction?What do you believe is the relationship in between obedience to God’s commandments and also suffering relief, peace, joy, love, and raised hope?How have the right to these readings assist you have hope for those struggling through addiction?How have the right to you encourage your struggling associates to have actually hope throughout their recoincredibly process?What are caring and also effective ways to invite an associate to strengthen his or her relationship with God?

As a team, choose 2 videos to watch from (this could be a extension from Activity 2 in the previous section). Then discuss the following:

Was the road to recoexceptionally easy for any of these individuals? Explain.At what suggest did these people suffer hope?What led them to feel hope?How did feeling the love of God aid these people along the route to addiction recovery?How did living gospel ethics strengthen these individuals’ relationship through God and also help them reach recovery?What similarities can you determine between the stories in the videos and also what you review to prepare for today’s meeting?What insights did you acquire around the Atonement of Jesus Christ via your readings and also by watching these videos?What did you learn from your readings that offers you hope for your associates struggling through addiction? You can share a scripture or statement that made an impression on you.What have the right to you perform to share hope with associates struggling through addiction, especially when they many require it?How have the right to associates struggling via addiction strengthen their connection via God?What are correct methods to invite associates struggling through addiction to strengthen their connection via God?

Invite a former DI associate that has actually struggled with addiction to talk around exactly how hope and also a solid relationship with God aided him or her in the time of recoexceptionally. This person might talk about any kind of of the following questions:

How difficult was your recoincredibly process?How vital is hope in the recoextremely process? Exsimple your answer.When did you begin to feel hope in your life? What did that change feel like?How did feeling hope for your recoextremely affect your future?Throughout your route to recovery, who helped you feel hopeful about your future? Explain.What duty did the hope of others—loved ones, supervisors, ecclesiastical leaders, mentors, and support groups—play in your route to recovery?What did other people perform to help you feel hope?At the beginning of your recoexceptionally procedure, what gospel ethics did you first begin using in your life? How did they assist you in your recovery?How did beginning a recovery path strengthen your connection via God? How did this partnership offer you toughness to proceed recovering?What scripture passperiods, general conference talks, or Church articles aided you get hope and strengthen your relationship via God?What advice would certainly you provide to project coach trainers around just how to help associates struggling via addiction? How deserve to they feel hope for these associates and also encourage associates to feel hopeful themselves?How can project coach trainers encourage associates to strengthen their relationship through God?What gospel ethics could help associates in their path to recovery? How have the right to task coach trainers encourage their associates to live these gospel principles?

You might likewise ask any appropriate and also proper concerns that will aid you understand just how you have the right to share hope and invite associates struggling through addiction to strengthen their partnership through God.

“What Lack I Yet?”

Seek to identify an individual or business gap or need.

Spend a couple of minutes silently pondering what you've discussed throughout this lesboy. Listen as the Divine Ghold helps you recognize locations wbelow you have the right to improve. Record your impressions in your learner"s journal under the question “What Lack I Yet?”

“What Must I Do?”

Seek methods to cshed the gap or construct the forced talent(s) to meet the need.

With the guidance of the Spirit, create your arrangement of exactly how you will boost and also cshed the gap(s) you have identified. You may use one or more of the exercises below, your very own strategy, or a mix of both. Record this plan in your learner"s journal under “What Must I Do?”

Throughout your following development setup conversation via an associate that is respanning from addiction, work-related together to produce a recoincredibly worksheet (view Resource 1 in the “Lesboy Resources” section).Become familiar via numerous sources that you might usage to aid associates struggling through addiction. Create a list and place it wright here you deserve to access it quickly.Ponder one additional method to assist associates handling addiction. Write it in your learner"s journal and also apply it in the coming week.

After a couple of minutes, those that are comfortable doing so can share their impressions via the team.

“Therefore, What?”

Seek knowledge, and also then share what you learned.

Throughout the week, focus on implementing the setup you created. Record your impressions or lessons learned in your learner"s journal under “As such, What?” You will be offered time at the start of next week's lesboy to share your experience through the group.

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“Come now, and also let us factor together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimkid, they shall be as wool.”

Isaiah 1:18

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