“Too frequently we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a type word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, every one of which have the potential to turn a life about.“ Leo Buscaglia THE POWER IN IT How execute we display respect? Is admiration, gratitude, trust, and appreciation as well <…>
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Too regularly we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an hoswarm compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have actually the potential to turn a life approximately.

Leo Buscaglia



How carry out we present respect? Is admiration, gratitude, trust, and also appreciation also hard to give? What is the many generous act that you deserve to carry out for another human being?

Appreciation! There is Power in it: Such a straightforward act, but it has actually the power to readjust a life! Do you remember that last time someone said somepoint excellent about you, execute you remember just how it made you feel? It is a beautiful feeling, and also we all deserve to produce the exact same feeling in others. It creates a positive, magic eactivity that is as infectious as the measles!


I live through 3 girls, my wife, and 2 daughters.

One thing I learned is that girls take time to acquire ready before they go out! I was walking today in the streets, and I witnessed different kinds of woman: young, old, middle age. They all look nice, or well dressed, some fashionable, some sporty, and I gained thinking, that they all made an effort to look great, and also I hoped they would acquire a compliment at home!

When I go out with my wife, she takes her time to gain prepared and look beautiful! I am always proud of her, and also she is constantly beautiful and also courteous and amazing! But occasionally I foracquire to tell her exactly how good she looks before we gain out the door, however when I do, she radiates also more.

My teenage daughters, if they have a meeting through their friends at 6 pm, they start gaining prepared by 4 pm, and possibly no all teen girls are like that, yet they sure are!

I casually mention: isn’t a little bit beforehand to gain ready? Your meeting is in 2 hours! No answer. 6.20 they are running late, going out the door, one last speak by the mirror for one last check.

Is that vanity? Are they overly involved about just how they look? I don’t think so. They are normal girls, yet teenagers are constantly conscious around just how they look to their peers, and we are all the same.


For us, men, is a bit much less time consuming, we need to look fit and also clean. A sporting look goes via the majority of of our activities: jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers.

Sometimes we revolve right into prince charming once we need a Tuxedo, or a suit for a service meeting or one-of-a-kind occasion, other than that, just a shave and a shower will certainly execute, and also sometimes, also a half-grvery own beard renders us more attractive.


The least we can execute is enhance each other for all the good things we do! Compliment our wives for exactly how great they look, the wonderful dinners they prepare, the magnificent residence they keep- for their achievements in the organization human being, in education and learning, in art or simply exclusively for being themselves.

Unfortunately, we acquire so busy, we feel we have actually no time to say the words that matter, and also in the chaotic procedure of life, we miss out on out on one of the many rewarding acts of human behavior.

You need to compliment your husbands for just how excellent they look, the weight they lost, the organization they efficiently run, and also the sacrifice and also love they offer.

Compliment your children for eincredibly little bit excellent thing they perform, a compliment for exactly how good they look, how wonderful they are, and how hard they try! The a lot even more thorough characters that make them various and unique!

Compliment your organization partners, clients, co-workers, friends, neighbors! Look for the great in people and let them know!


Compliments provide confidence to youngsters and impetus to adults. It urges human being at occupational, creates a positive environment at home, boosts happiness in your married life, shows respect and also admiration!

We have to always attempt to make various other people feel appreciated, loved, and also relevant! The most profound require in human nature is the craving to be appreciated!

Everyone likes a compliment, and also WE do better once our ego receives hocolony and sincere praise and appreciation.

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It is just one of the distinctions between humans and also pets. We should be even more aware of discovering how to nourish the self-esteem of the human being around us!

Sometimes we are incredibly excellent at food preparation a meal to feed the bodies of those we love, yet we ignore to feed their yearning for acceptance.