Important Tri-Rivers Merger Update: We have completed work-related with our company service providers, and Tri-Rivers debit cards are earlier in organization. Aobtain, we are very sorry for any type of difficulties the outage might have actually led to.

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We are conscious that a variety of Tri-Rivers delittle cards have actually not been working after the information conversion convariation process was began. We are sorry for any type of inconvenience and also the frustration we recognize this have the right to reason. We are functioning diligently with all of our sellers to fix the issue as conveniently as we maybe deserve to.

The merger in between the previous Tri-Rivers Federal Credit Union (Tri-Rivers) and Hope Credit Union (HOPE) is nearing completion. As we prepare for systems convariation on March 30, 2018, tbelow are a couple of essential things you need to understand.

New Member Number

You will certainly have actually a brand-new member number founding on April 1, 2018. You have to to update this number for any type of straight deposits that are currently being made to your account. Items you have actually erected to be automatically paid will certainly continue to occupational without taking any action. Your new member number will be delivered by mail.

New ATM, Debit, and Credit Cards

Members that currently have a Tri-Rivers ATM, delittle bit or credit card will certainly be receiving a brand-new variation of that card to usage via your HOPE account. Be sure to upday your card indevelopment with any kind of sellers that instantly charge your card for recurring prices.

Continue utilizing your existing card until you get your brand-new HOPE card. When you get the brand-new card, you must activate and start utilizing it instantly and also then destroy your current card. ATM and transactivity limits might use with your present card after 1:00 p.m. on March 30. Contact the branch if you have questions or need assistance before the brand-new card arrives.

Electronic Services

The Tri-Rivers virtual banking, telephone banking, and internet payment center services will certainly no much longer be easily accessible after noon on Friday, March 30. Be sure to download any type of account indevelopment you would like to store prior to that time. You will be able to sign up for HOPE’s great selection of convenience services after 6:00 a.m. on April 1. Find Out even more and examine out the convenient user guides at

Temporary Branch Closure

As part of the units conversion, the Montgomery branch will close at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, March 30, and also remajor closed for the remainder of the day. We setup to be open up Monday, April 2, pfinishing effective completion of the whole systems conversion process. You can likewise discover common branching facilities wbelow you may conduct transactions at

You deserve to visit our website at for updays on the convariation. We’ll additionally write-up important notices on our social media sites at and also

Once your membership information has been moved to HOPE’s systems, you will certainly obtain extra indevelopment around all the new accounts and also solutions available to you. We hope you will take advantage of everything your HOPE membership has to offer.

Please contact your branch if you have actually inquiries or require even more details. We look forward to having actually the privilege of serving you!

As we continue to incorporate the operations of the previous Tri-Rivers Federal Credit Union (Tri-Rivers) with Hope Credit Union (HOPE), we want to share some crucial updays and also information about your accounts.

Here is what you should know:

New Member Number

You will have actually a brand-new member number starting on April 1, 2018. You will certainly need to upday this number for any straight deposits that are presently being made to your account. Items you have put up to be automatically passist will continue to occupational without taking any activity. Your new member number will certainly be gave in a separate mailing.

New Account Agreement, Disclosures, and also Policies

Beginning April 1, 2018, your accounts will be governed by the documents enclosed with this correspondence. Those items encompass the Membership and also Account Agreement and Disclosures, Privacy Policy, Schedule of Fees, Truth in Savings, and also Overdraft Guardian disclosures.

Account Type Changes

Wealth Building (Savings) Accounts – Discover more about all our Wealth Building accounts at

Main Savings – The minimum balance on Main Savings accounts will certainly decrease from $25 to $15.

Christmas Club – Your Christmas Club account will remajor unadjusted. Funds will certainly still be spread each year on October 31.

Vacation Club Accounts – All Vacation Club Accounts will currently be dubbed “Club Accounts”. If more than 2 withdrawals are made per quarter, an excess withdrawal fee of $10 will certainly be charged for each subsequent withdrawal.

Individual Retirement Accounts – Your IRA account terms will certainly reprimary unadjusted. The account rate will change to the HOPE’s existing rate efficient on April 1, 2018.

Share Certificates – Any Share Certificates you might have will certainly reprimary unadjusted and will retain their present price until maturity.

Checking Accounts – See all our checking choices at

If you have paper checks, you might proceed to usage them till your supply is tired. We are providing one totally free box of checks to all existing Paper Checking account holders. Researches have to be made with the branch on or prior to , 2018.

Check Free Checking – All Check-Free Checking accounts will be converted to a HOPE Easy Checking account. The minimum balance on this account is $25.00. If you save a minimum balance of $200.00 in the account, the monthly $9.95 is waived. The fee will certainly be waived regardless of the account balance for the initially three months after conversion. Learn even more around this account at

Paper Checking – Members who have a Paper Checking account will certainly receive a HOPE Rewards Checking account. This is a free checking account with no minimum balance, and also it deserve to pay you earlier each month. If you fulfill specific basic account task conditions each month, you have the right to earn a considerably greater bonus price of rerevolve. Account details are consisted of in the Truth in Savings record. To learn even more around HOPE Rewards checking, visit

Overdraft GuardianDealing with a changed check or various other unpaid item is an overwhelming endure that have the right to lead to extra prices and also frustration. In the occasion that an overdraft does occur, we can help safeguard members from the fees charged by vendors and the negative effects it can have on your credit history with HOPE’s Overdraft Guardian business. Updated boundaries on coverage reliable April 1, 2018 for converted Tri-Rivers accounts are as follows:

Easy Checking – $200Rewards Checking – $300

You can learn more about the terms and also problems of overdraft security by reviewing the enclosed routine disclosure.

Delittle Card Replacement

HOPE will certainly problem new delittle cards through new numbers that will certainly be yielded prior to the end of March to any type of member who has a Tri-Rivers delittle card and an active account. You have to activate and also begin utilizing the brand-new cards on April 1, 2018, and also destroy your existing cards. If you have actually any kind of recurring transactions associated to your delittle bit card, you will certainly should upday your card indevelopment through the merchant.

HOPE Relationship Rewards

Tri-Rivers “Golden Apple” members obtained rewards based upon their relationship through the crmodify union. HOPE offers a comparable incentive regimen. Members meeting connection status demands will obtain benefits according to the complying with tiers:

Silver – Members that maintain at leastern $2,000 and approximately $14,999.99 in total deposits receive:

• One box of cost-free checks annually (standard style)• Bonus of a secondary .10% on brand-new share certificate rates• Discount of .25% on loan prices (topic to certain credit criteria, loan forms and also other limitations)

Gold – Members that maintain $15,000 or even more in full deposits receive:

• One box of totally free checks every year (standard style)• Free cashier’s checks• Checking account monthly organization fees are waived• One stop payment fee waived per month• Bonus of a second .25% on brand-new share certificate rates• Discount of .50% on loan rates (subject to certain credit criteria, loan kinds and also various other limitations)

Personal Loans

All personal installment loans will proceed under their existing terms and also conditions until the loan is rephelp.

Convenience Services

Your brand-new HOPE accounts come with several great benefits. Several of the finest are the solutions that help you control your finances no issue where you are or what time it is.With HOPE’s complete variety of digital devices, you’ll be able to deliver money while you’re on vacation or deposit a inspect at 11:00 p.m. Use the services that are ideal for you and also get the most out of being a member-owner at HOPE.

All these solutions will be accessible to you beginning April 1, 2018. You will must register for these solutions making use of your brand-new account information.

HOPENet Online Banking – Turn any kind of Internet-connected computer or tablet into a money management machine via full-organization digital banking. You deserve to inspect account balances, move funds, and also pay bills through just a few computer mouse clicks. Discover more and also examine out the easy-to-follow user guides at

HOPE Mobile/Tablet Banking – Enjoy having the power of a HOPE branch in the palm of your hand also 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. You have the right to take HOPE via you wherever you go with our totally free mobile banking app.¹ for Apple and also Android devices. This organization replaces text banking and also provides a lot better usability. See even more of what this app can do for you and also the testimonial tutorials at

HOPE24 Telephone Banking – Bank just by pressing a button. Get account indevelopment and also perform basic attributes easily and conveniently. It’s simply a toll-totally free phone contact amethod at 1-877-214-HOPE (4673) and available 24/7. Check out the options obtainable to you at

Shared Branching Network – Even as soon as tbelow is no HOPE branch cshed by, you deserve to conduct transactions at more than 5,000 crmodify union branches and also 30,000 ATMs that are component of the shared branching network. Discover even more and find mutual branching areas at

E-Statements – Save time, save your information even more secure, and display the earth some love by obtaining your statements online. It’s one of our a lot of popular features. Get the details at

Things to Do Before the Merger

It’s ME 24/7 Online Banking – The present virtual banking mechanism, including transaction backgrounds, will not be accessible after March 30, 2018. Downpack any account documents you may desire to store prior to that date. You can register for HOPENet Online Banking start on April 1, 2018.

Text Banking – This company will certainly be disongoing on March 30, 2018, so if you have a transactivity you want to finish with this service, carry out so before this date. You can sign up for HOPE Mobile Banking, which supplies a much larger food selection of attributes, beginning on April 1, 2018.

E-Statements – The present e-statement mechanism will certainly not be available after March 30, 2018. Make sure to download or print any kind of statements you desire to save after that day. You will be able to authorize up for HOPE’s e-statement service as of April 1, 2018.

Web Payments Center – The digital Internet Payments Center will not be available after March 30, 2018, so make any transactions prior to then. You will have the ability to make payments on loans and crmodify cards from your HOPE accounts by making use of our virtual and mobile banking solutions.

Systems Convariation Branch Closure

As part of the units conversion, the Montgomery branch will certainly cshed at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, March 30, 2018. We setup to resume normal operations will certainly of HOPE’s devices active on Monday, April 2, 2018.

Effective Date

All of these transforms will become efficient on April 1, 2018. If you carry out not wish to continue utilizing your account via the changes provided, you may close your accounts before that date.

Once your membership information has actually been moved to HOPE’s systems, you will certainly obtain additional information around all the new accounts and services obtainable to you. We hope you will certainly take benefit of everything your HOPE membership hregarding sell. You can additionally visit for more indevelopment.

Please contact the branch if you have questions or need even more details. We look forward to having the privilege of serving you!

¹Wireless carrier message and data rates may apply.

Tri-Rivers Crmodify Union (Tri-Rivers) has a proud heritage of serving the demands of occupants and businesses in main Alabama for more than 55 years. When Tri-Rivers was started as Montgomery Teachers Federal Crmodify Union, no one ever before dreamed it would touch so many resides and also view so much readjust.

Over the years, as financial landscapes have become even more difficult, Tri-Rivers has been tright here to aid members through quality assets and trusted service. The continued stresses and uncertainty of the current financial landscape suggests that institutions choose Tri-Rivers are even more essential as civilization look for a financial school that puts their needs first.

In order to ensure that Tri-Rivers members have actually the best financial options during these difficult financial times and later, the Tri-Rivers Board of Directors has agreed to a merger via Hope Credit Union (HOPE). The merger received final approval from regulatory agencies on Friday, October 20, 2017, and also will come to be efficient October 31, 2017.

HOPE is not your ordinary crmodify union. Started in 1995 as a tiny church task via substantial dreams, HOPE is a neighborhood advance credit union that helps world throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and currently Alabama, develop a solid financial structure.

HOPE gives affordable financial solutions that assist individuals, households, businesses, and also neighborhoods secure their futures. Because 1994, HOPE and its sponsor, Hope Enterpclimb Corporation, have actually produced over $2 billion in financing and carried financial avenues to even more than 1 million world in economically distressed areas throughout the region.

The merger will extfinish extra products and also solutions to Tri-Rivers members, and it will certainly permit HOPE to serve even more working families throughout the South. As we begin this new and also amazing partnership, your day-to-day interaction with Tri-Rivers will certainly remajor largely unchanged and you will certainly continue to have actually access to all the financial assets you presently reap.

We will let you understand about important account and operational updates as all of our devices are integrated over the next several months. In the meantime, we are committed to offering the business you deserve as a member-owner of your credit union. Your day-to-day interactivity through Tri-Rivers will certainly reprimary mostly unchanged and also you will continue to have actually access to all the financial commodities you currently enjoy. Your deposits will likewise continue to be insured for approximately $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.

HOPE is honored to welcome the Tri-Rivers area right into our household. In the weeks ahead, you will certainly get additional indevelopment around the merger and also the benefits easily accessible via HOPE.

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Once again, we say thanks to you for your support of Tri-Rivers over the years and also look forward to the privilege of serving you later.