I remember as soon as MTV offered to play music videos. While they had some original programming, most of these programs were actually really funny or interesting, like Beavis and also Butthead and Daria.*

But things have adjusted. While MTV does play music occasionally, it’s usually at times so beforehand that just those that suffer from insomnia or are pulling all-nighters** will certainly likely watch them. Instead the network-related is polluted by reflects such as this and this.*** While mirrors on the netjob-related supplied to address relevant social worries and seemingly suggest out our society’s shortcomings, the new chop of mirrors don’t seem to have actually that ambition.

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However before, despite the Sodom and also Gomorrah-esque nature of some of the programs on MTV, it’s crucial to point out that some of their shows still have aspirations to educate, inform, and to hopefully aid world understand. My 2 personal favorites are MADE and also True Life. MADE takes the college (insert high college clique here) and also gets them the coaching and training to assist the perchild and others to realize that he or she is even more than simply a (insert high institution clique here). True Life is a documentary style look at necessary or amazing social topics. Topics array from the array from the heartfelt (True Life: I’m Going to Rehab) to the quirky (True Life: I’m a Competitive Eater) to the unintentionally funny (True Life: I’m a Staten Island also Girl). But the majority of eexceptionally episode leaves you more increated and also offers you some insight right into that person’s journey.

Unfortunately, the episode I watched this weekfinish just left me unfulfilled. The display, True Life: I Want to Be Straight, profiled a guy and girl who were formerly involved in the gay and lesbian “lifestyle” that were attempting to be right. Melanie, a lesbian that was physically attacked by her mommy when she uncovered out she was a lesbian, is dating guys, while still incredibly attracted to woguys, while Kevin, a “former” gay man is undergoing treatment and utilizing the assistance of his religious peers to assist on his journey to “straighthood.” At the update at the finish of the episode, we find that Melanie is dating both men and woguys, while Kevin isn’t dating anyone, although his friends have tried to set him up with a woman, and also fighting his attraction towards males.

I appreciated Melanie’s story because she ultimately came to a tool that worked for her. It appeared that she stayed true to who she is. Yes, there were particular points about guys that she preferred, and tbelow were certain things about woguys that she liked. Instead of letting others’ opinions and also judgements influence that she is, she settled on a selection that left her happy.

On the other hand also, Kevin’s story was slightly depressing. He kept referring to the gay “lifestyle” and also continuing to be away from the “way of living.” Labeling being gay a way of life appears to indicate that there’s some form of choice around whether or not to be gay. While I can understand also exactly how this most likely empowers Kevin’s decision around trying to be directly, it ultimately just appears prefer he’s repressing that he is. Kevin kept arguing that he didn’t want to try to day till he was emotionally prepared. All the while, his roommates and his parents were confident that he was making the appropriate choice. The appropriate alternative for whom? Perhaps for them, but certainly not for Kevin’s happiness.

Kevin is gay. He wasn’t connected in some sort of lifestyle. He’s gay. And there’s nopoint wrong via that. His family members and friends need to support that he is, rather of trying to make him someone else. To quote my girl Lady Gaga, he was “Born This Way.” True happiness comes from being that you are, not trying to be someone else. I hope some day Kevin realizes that.


* – If you’ve never before watched Daria, obtain on that. The present was really ahead of it’s time. Sharp, witty, a little insouciant.

** – I regrettably know from suffer.

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*** – Full disclosure: I watch the Jersey shore. And the original Teen Mom was good, till the “stars” became celebrities.