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Do yall remember MTV"s True Life episode with the girl that had actually HIV, Lexi Gibboy. Her episode aired a few years back. Apparently Her boyfrifinish Max was murdered by a protection guard a pair days ago. Apparently Max was homeless and couch surfing through her and friends for a couple of days at a time prior to leaving.LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —
The loved ones of a homemuch less guy who was allegedly shot and also killed by a protection guard are speaking out.In an exclusive interwatch through 8 News Now, the victim who was established by the Clark County Coroner’s office as 27-year-old Max Garcia said he was a loving guy that was simply dvery own on his luck.According to Gibchild, Garcia would remain via her or his friends for a few days at a time, and insisted on not overremaining his welcome."He didn"t desire to feel like I was taking care of him. He wanted to prove to me that he could execute it," said Gibkid.I’m heartbroken because I begged him not to leave my home,” sassist Lexi Gibson, the girlfriend of Max Garcia.The shooting taken place early on Saturday morning near Decatur Boulevard and also the 215 in the northwest part of the valley.According to Gibchild, Garcia was going via challenging times — also couch surfing — however he was trying to obtain ago on his feet. Gibchild shelp she and also Garcia were together days before he passed away.“When he left my house a few days earlier, he told me that once we gets all of his stuff together physically, that he would present up via a ring and I would certainly be his,” Gibboy shelp.But the proposal Gibboy was looking for never before occurred. According to Metro Police, Garcia was resting on the sidewalk of a shopping center at an early stage Saturday morning best before he and officer Brian Love gained right into an debate.Metro says security video mirrors Love pulled out a gun firing at Garcia multiple times. Detectives say Love didn’t call the police after the shooting, so Garcia’s body wasn’t uncovered till later on.

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“Shooting somebody also one time is not the means to take care of that instance,” said Gibchild.People that work at the shopping facility agree.“That’s a tiny distressing to think that someone who’s meant to be on duty protecting this complicated is responsible for shooting someone,” sassist Kathy DiMatteo, works surrounding – Anderkid Audiology“He’s meant to be our protection, and also understanding he eliminated somebody that was probably no risk to him really bothers me,” sassist Nicole Melton, functions near the area of the shooting.
A memorial has grown for Garcia on the sidewalk of the shopping center where he was shot.“I want him to be remembered as the light that he was,” Gibchild sassist. “He was the life of the party, of the party; every party. I think that he should spend his life in prichild.”Love is scheduled to be earlier in court Tuesday for his arraignment. Meantime, friends are planning to hold vigils for Garcia in the coming days. The indevelopment for the vigils is below:Vigil for Max Garcia Monday
Where: Butterfly Park6851 N Buffalo Dr., Las Vegas, NevadaTime: 8 p.m.Vigil for Max Garcia Tuesday Where: Shopping facility where the shooting emerged. It’s located near the Skinny Fats restaurant on 215 and Decatur.Time: 7:30 p.m.EXCLUSIVE: Girlfrifinish of man allegedly swarm, eliminated by defense guard speaks outGirlfriend of male allegedly swarm by security guard breaks her silenceThis was their True Life episode